2019 Science, Engineering and Robotics Faire

is coming soon -- Wed., Oct. 16, 6:00-7:30 pm!

Share what you've learned and all the fun we have in the Science Lab!

This year, students will be able to make projects in 4 categories:

  • scientific model
  • science projects
  • engineering projects
  • robotics projects

Each type of project has its own criteria and purpose, so find the one that fits you best, and let's get your great work on display!

Science, Engineering and Robotics Projects

Scientific Models:

  • purpose: show a scientific concept.
  • include: a drawing or 3-dimensional representation of something you are learning about, and label the parts to show what is important. You may also write a brief explanation of what you learned making this model.

Student Science Projects:

  • purpose: Answer a question that helps you understand better how the natural or man-made world works. This project may be completed by an individual students or teams of students. This project can also be done with parents or family members. Students will be encouraged to share their thinking and the process they went through to better understand science by working to answer a question. The goal is not to make a perfect looking project, but student-made project.
  • include: The steps of the Scientific Method to show that you went through a careful process to get reliable results. Please see chart below for example.

Engineering Projects:

  • purpose: Solve a problem using the Engineering Design Process to help someone or make the world a better place. (see Engineering Design Process chart below)
  • include: The steps you went through to solve the problem

Robotics Projects:

  • purpose: Force a robot to do what you want it to do. Use coding to program a robot to do what you'd like.
  • include: The steps you went through to code and debug.
  • remember: We would love to see robotics project that still have bugs. The process of debugging can take so much time that often most of the project is spent debugging. If you project has a bug(s) at the Science, Engineering and Robotics Fair, just explain the bug(s) and your plan to debug.

Science Project Layout

Please note that presentation boards are available until they are all taken. Additionally, students are encouraged to use creativity to demonstrate they have gone through all the steps of the Scientific Method. For example, students may choose to use Google Slides to show they completed each step. Students may make a video explaining the steps they went through, or other creative ways. Science Lab Chromebook computers can be used during the Science, Engineering and Robotics Fair to display digital presentations. Requests for a Science Lab computer must be made by Mon., Oct. 14 to ensure we have enough computers for everyone.

Engineering Projects

The Engineering Design Process helps us to find a solution to a problem efficiently. You can make a project that explains what you did for each step in the process.Or, you can also solve an engineering challenge, such as these challenges.

Robotics Project

In Science Lab, we make a obstacle courses and mazes and code the robot to make it through successfully.