Project 7: Implementation and Program Evaluation

The work of Project 7 is to ensure the implementation, evaluation and sustainability of the RTT-D Grant. To help lead us in this work, we have formed a Guiding Coalition. The Guiding Coalition is a team of over 50 representatives (students, staff and community members) from each of the RTT-D projects, as well as members of the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) Advisory Team. This group comes together three times annually to:

  • Serve as an advisory team to create a vision of our work in reform and transformation.
  • Learn about each other’s work and how our work connects.
  • Support and learn from each other as we implement our reform effort.
  • Spread the word and create excitement about the work.
  • Share/learn about data on our implementation, our progress, and our ideas.
  • Provide input on sustainability and next steps.

We work with our external evaluation team from Gibson and Associates and Resource Development Associates to monitor, measure, and publicly share information on the implementation and results of investments made in professional development and coaching, technology, additional certificated and classified staff, and family and student supports. The evaluation team serves as a full partner in formative assessment and uses a rigorous, multi-method, multi-year evaluation that considers the developmental stage of the RTT-D initiative. Our evaluation strategy addresses three research goals: 1) describe the implementation of the model to facilitate replication and sustainability; 2) evaluate the impact of the program on academic outcomes among district students as a whole and numerically significant student sub-groups; and 3) assess the impact of the academic, family, and social supports on student academic and social-emotional outcomes in the Decoto neighborhood. Our sustainability plan is grounded in the key tenets outlined in this grant proposal: collaboration and partnership, building capacity internally and drawing on our internal talents; equity, and personalized learning. We will continue to focus on these tenets after the grant period ends through targeted use of LCAP and categorical funds.