Project 6: College and Career Readiness

The focus of Project 6, College and Career Readiness, is to promote college and career through a variety of strategies. Heavy investments were made in providing additional counselors at James Logan and Conley-Caraballo High Schools to support college and career readiness and the Puente program. The 6-12 counseling team created and implemented Personalized Learning Plans for all middle and high school students. Grant funds were also used to increase PSAT participation, FAFSA completion, and to increase AP passing rates with the addition of AP Boot Camps to support students. Funding was used to enhance STEM classes at Logan, and to add STEM classes to both middle schools. Project 6 also paid for stipends for curriculum leaders who have been leading the Rigorous Curriculum Design (RCD) common core unit development teams at the middle and high schools. In addition, professional development in Project Based Learning is being provided to all interested teachers, with follow up support given by instructional coaches. Funds from Project 6 are being used to fund restorative justice social workers at James Logan High School, Cesar Chavez Middle School, and Hillview Crest Elementary School, who work to support restorative practices in order to improve school climate and reduce the number of suspensions.