UnDisrupted, a Future Ready Schools podcast for school and district technology leaders, will breakdown many of the challenges facing district-level leaders today.

masscue podcast

Twice a month, MassCUE will be sharing a best practices using a technology tool that teachers can use with students.

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Parent Trapped by Common Sense is here.

Each episode will feature interviews with experts and tips on everything from making learning at home more fun to finding movies and shows the whole family can enjoy. Available on Spotify and iTunes

Each week on The Shake Up Learning Show, I share a Podcast Question of the Week–questions for discussion and reflection. These questions will also be posted each Thursday in the Shake Up Learning FB Community.

A new podcast for families starring Julie Andrews and Emma Walton Hamilton. Every episode features a children's book chosen by the mother-daughter team, a special guest and kids. There are two episodes out now. New ones are every Wednesday.

November Learning Podcast

Alan November interviews key thinkers and educators around the world who are pioneering innovative approaches to learning and teaching with technology.

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Looks at how teaching and learning have shifted online overnight due to mandated school closures across the nation.

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Maine Public, the Maine DoE, and Educate Maine have joined forces to create original, educational programming for students in grades 3 through 5. Archived Episodes

NHASCD Podcast

In this podcast, author and consultant, Mike Anderson and superintendent, Steve Tucker, discuss the challenges of self-directed learning during the COVID-19 crisis. How do we support true self-direction (not simple compliance) in students as they work from home? What are some practical strategies teachers can try? They also discuss how to support self-directed learning in ways that are manageable and not overwhelming for teachers. Available on iTune, SoundCloud and Google Play

Remarkable Chatter is the podcast for K-12 educators who are looking for that forward thinking source for educational practice and innovation. Every educator will benefit from the discussions, interviews and tips. And it’s not just the perspective of educators but interviews with the leading minds on 21st century thinking, trends and practices.

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