When to keep your child home

Student Health Services / When NOT to Send Your Child to School

In an effort to help protect our students from unnecessary illness, we urge all parents to consider the following suggestions when preparing to send your children to school.

Please DO NOT send your child to school if you suspect your child may be ill, and has exhibited any of the following signs or symptoms of suspected illness:

has an elevated temperature of 100 degrees or more in the last 24 hours.

has vomited within the last 24 hours, especially right before school arrival

has experienced repeated episodes of diarrhea in the last 24 hours.

has chills, loss of appetite, unusual fatigue, and/or lingering headache.

has a significant amount of untreated nasal discharge.

has a persistent cough.

has a significant sore throat.

is complaining of earache.

We appreciate your help in making attending school a healthy experience for all our students and staff.

***Please inform the health office if your child has a contagious illness such as the flu, COVID19 or strep throat. Thank you!