Guideline for parents

What to do if your child has lice

Guideline for Parent/Guardian

1. _____Check all family members for lice or nits (lice eggs) in a well- lit area, using a magnifying glass, if available

2. ____ Treat hair with pediculicide, FOLLOWING PACKAGE DIRECTIONS. Be sure to treat hair over sink using towel to cover eyes, NOT in bathtub or shower

3. ____ If child has nits (lice eggs), may add small amount of vinegar to rinse water, then wrap hair in warm towel for 30 minutes

4. ____ After treatment, may remove all nits and/or live lice with fine tooth comb or fingernails. Be sure to put removed lice/nits in plastic bag and dispose of it immediately.

5. ____ Machine wash all clothing and bed linens child has used in last 3 days in HOT water and dry in HOT dryer. This includes coats, hats, scarves and towels

6. ____ Put pillows and stuffed animals that child sleeps with in HOT dryer

7. ____ Soak combs, brushes, rollers, barrettes, head bands and other hair items in HOT soapy water for 1 hour or soak them in pediculicide

8. ____ Vacuum floors, rugs, upholstered furniture, mattresses and car seat- (empty vacuum bag immediately).

9. ____ Check package directions on pediculicide for possible re-treatment in 7-10 days

10. ____Consult with your child’s doctor if nits reappear as well as if your child has any allergies (environmental, seasonal, medication, or food)

11. _____Notify school nurse as student will need to be checked by nurse before coming back to class.

Please note****** Routine checks should be done at home throughout the school year***