Track and Field

Welcome to NHCS Busline and Varsity Track and Field!

Practice: Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday 3:15-4:45 @ NHCS

Head Coach: Kelsey Jones email:

Coaching Support:

  • Tom Emerson
  • Lisa White

Email Kelsey if you are interested in helping at practice or chaperoning a meet.

Expectations for Student Athletes:

1. NHCS Track and Field athletes will be committed to the school athletic program on and off season by:

• Following the rules set by the coaches and the school.

• Participating enthusiastically.

• Recognizing that student participation in athletics is a privilege.

• Setting challenging and realistic goals.

• Maintaining high academic standards.

• Being committed to skill development in their sport.

2. NHCS Track and Field athletes will communicate openly and honestly with respect for coaches, teammates, parents, officials, and opponents by:

• Developing a team attitude.

• Being coachable and open to constructive feedback.

• Sharing appropriate individual and team concerns with the coaching staff.

3. NHCS Track and Field athletes will demonstrate good citizenship and sportsmanship by:

• Behaving with integrity.

• Exhibiting pride in their team and school.

• Playing by the rules.

• Accepting responsibility as a role model for others.

• Supporting other sports and other teams.

• Playing with dignity and grace, regardless of winning or losing.

4. NHCS Track and Field athletes will develop and maintain mental and physical (health) behaviors by:

• Being alcohol and drug free.

• Practicing self-discipline.

• Demonstrating good personal health habits.

• Dealing with challenges in a positive manner.