TigerHawk Enterprises

You can reach our email at tigerhawkenterprises@nfv.k12.ia.us

This website is made and ran by NFV students that are in a Manufacturing Design class that makes products for the community that are up for sale that people can buy. Each student in the Manufacturing Design class has different stations that they all work at and each one of them has a job that they do so the products look good and are at the best quality for people to buy.

Here are picture of our team and the jobs that they do to get the products that are on our website

Johnathan, President

Clay, Bandsaw

Tucker, CNC Operator

Connor, quality control, designer

James, Table Saw

Thomas, VP, 3D priter/designer,

Daemen, Miter saw

kyle, sander

Raul: Fill in

Carter glueing

Lily: Staining and final touches

Braeden:Website Designer

jesse: Band saw


Jacob- Designer

To view the products that are for sale in the top right corner you are able to click the different pages to see the products that we have that are for sale.