To sign your student up for athletics, please go to FinalForms and create/fill out the appropriate forms. You will have to physically bring in a copy of their physical from the doctor so we can scan it in. Thank you for taking the time to do this!

Below is "How to Register and Manage Your Students" which are the instructions straight from FinalForms (although you do not need to pay any fees for athletics).

Below that is even more instructions if you do not have a current FinalForms account or a current email address on Skyward.

For other languages (Spanish for example), once you have logged in, click on your name (upper right corner), then click on "Edit Profile", then check the box that states "Would you like an option to translate pages?" Then you might have to log out and then log back in for the language to change. You can set your language by clicking in the bottom right corner for the "Google Select Language".

Don't Have an Account???


Step 1: You must have a valid email listed on your parent Skyward address.

Step 2: You should have already received an email invitation from FinalForms to create your parent account. If you are having trouble with this, please contact Stephen Pyeatt ( to have your Skyward information transferred into FinalForms to create your account.

Step 3: Verify your FinalForms account (from the email you received). Click the link to FinalForms and create your password, then you will be logged in and you can begin completing the information for your students.

Step 4: From your list of students choose who you want to start with. You will first click the blue Incomplete Forms box next to the student you wish to complete.

Step 5: Next you will verify (select) the sports/activities your child will participate in.

Step 6: You will then be taken to list of forms/documents you will need to "sign" for your child. Depending on how you answer some questions you may be prompted to print off and bring some additional forms to the office. The list will be on the left side of the screen and all titles in red. You must fill out and sign all forms in the list. As you complete the forms you will be taken to the next form. As forms are completed by you the title of the form in the forms list will change from the red color to green if it only is signed by the parent and to yellow if it also has to be signed by the student. Students can only sign that they saw the form, they cannot edit the forms.

Step 7: After you complete the last form you will receive a message on the screen that you have completed all forms for your student and they have now been sent an email with a sign-on link like you received so that they can complete there registration.

Step 8: You will also then have the option to select another child to complete or exit the program.


Step 1: Once your parent has completed signing you up, you will receive your email invitation from FinalForms to verify your account.

Step 2: Click the link to FinalForms and create your password, then you will be logged in and you can begin completing the information for your students.

Step 3: You must sign all forms in your list.