Club Rules

Rules for all clubs:

  • The biggest difference between an after-school club and the classroom is that the club leader does not have to keep you in the club for the whole year (or semester). I will make tough decisions about letting club members go, if needed. Any club member who attends multiple clubs, if removed from one club, will be removed from all clubs led by me.

  • When everything goes back to normal, upon arrival, your jobs are to sign in with your lunch number, eat your snack if you have one, and read or do homework until 3:30. The only thing that has temporarily changed is that I will sign you in for attendance (for safety).

  • Certain trends and phrases get annoying after a while. You will be asked to stop doing or saying these, nicely at first. Anything that gets repetitive and annoys the group will be "banned", for the sake of harmony.

  • Please keep your shoes on. This is a safety concern. You will need to have shoes on in case we have to suddenly move to a different location for any reason. This rule has a more humorous origin as well; feel free to ask me about it.

  • While I like music, in general, I do not allow singing in the club. This includes humming, rapping, beatboxing, etc. We all have different tastes.

  • Do your best to let me know in advance if you are going to be gone in the future. If you have a few absences and I am not given a reason, I will assume that you have lost interest in the club.

  • Show respect to all people, materials, and spaces. Avoid wasting paper. Keep the markers capped if not in use. Clean your area when you are done. Use kind words and take turns. While this is after school hours, I am still allowed to issue fix-it plans and bottom lines. Let's not get there.

  • I might ask you to find a different spot if you and your friends are being disruptive. I would love for you to sit close (but not that close!) to your friends, but only if you are responsible and attentive. Let us not get to a point where I have to assign spots.

  • Gossiping means talking about other people when they're not around. This is something we do our best not to do in clubs. You may talk about people without mentioning their names, but ask yourselves whether or not you are sharing something that is appropriate to share. What you want to talk about might not be something that that person would want you to share with strangers.

  • I will give you reminders when transitions are about to happen. Please think about good stopping points so that transitions are not delayed. If it seems like transitions are difficult, we just might lose a little bit more work/fun time to make up for the delays. I am sure you don't want that, so please be mindful of the time.

  • The students who have been with me before know that I am honest about my feelings. Sometimes I have an "off" day, as all people do. I will tell you when I am cranky. When that happens, that is me telling you that I need you to be more understanding. I need you to remember the rules and to do your work as expected. It is not the best idea to be extra goofy on those days.

  • Last but not the least, be open to feedback. Sometimes, while your work is in progress, I might ask you to change things, improve your work, or start over. It is acceptable to be stressed out about that, and you are free to take a few minutes to cool down, take a few breaths, and refocus. However, you are expected to think about the feedback you got and make necessary changes to your work. Even grownups get feedback that they might not like; it is part of growth. If you get feedback from me that you don't like, know that I am confident that you can do more or better.