Welcome to another amazing year in art! Here on my site I will be posting homework, project updates, break down of what we do each day in class, and any other important information.

Office Hours

Most days I am available 7am-7:45 by appointment only (please email me) at least 24 hours in advance.

Remind App

7th and 8th grade can get up to date reminders of due dates and events via the remind app. Information on how to sign up (must be 13 or older) is available on the back of the syllabus.


The best way to reach me is via email:

Things to know about SBG in art

● All assessments are on the following categories (percentages are the same for every teacher in the school)

o Practice (10%): Homework and classwork

o Formative (40%): entrance/ exit tickets (quick checks for understanding), Observational assessments based on an activity or discussions, Formative Summaries (k-2 these are verbal), sketchbooks (7th and 8th only)

o Summative (50%): Projects, Mini Projects

● Progress reports are not the total depiction of your students ability or grade for the following reasons

o No reassessments are done before they go out

o No summative grades (50% weight) are included in k-6 because no projects have been completed.

● I do not give tests in grades k-6 but I may give pretests

● If there are only a few assessments (3 or less) One assessment can greatly affect your students’ overall grade. Because of this my goal is to have at least 6 assessments by report cards.

● Due to time constraints, students are assessed for all work done in my classroom.

● Reassessments are done on every formative or summative grade in which the student received a 70 or below. They are not done on practice work.

● Reassessments are not done till all students who took that assessment are graded and the student who is to be reassessed has had time to reinforce the information and has the best chance for success.

● Remember, I am not out to get your student! I want your student to succeed and feel accomplished, but I also have to be fair and accurate when doing assessments.

● I try and update my grades at least every other week if there is something to update.

● If your student is really in danger of failing I always try and reach out.