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8:00-8:30- Opening/Number Corner

8:30-9:10- Music

9:10-10:00- Language Arts- Writing

10:00-10:15- Recess

10: 15-11:10- Social Studies/Science

11:10-12:00- Lunch/Recess

12:00-1:15- Math

1:11-2:00- Tuesday/Thursday- P.E.

1:15-1:30- Recess

1:30- 3:00- Read Aloud/Language Arts Reading, Spelling/Writing Extension

3:00-3:10- Closing- chores, community meeting

We are currently working on both a science and a social studies unit. Our science unit is about the Atoms, Molecules and how matter can change. It involves making a model of an atom and doing an experiment where matter changes. The social studies unit will be on the Revolutionary War. We will be reading historical fiction books, learning about the causes of the war, the differences between the colonists, major battles and how our government was created.. The students will be choosing from a variety of projects on these topics depending on their interests.

Reading Homework

Fifth grade students need to read a minimum of 20-30 minutes a night and record their reading in their reading log. Once a week, they will be asked to write about their reading.


Most math assignments can be completed in class. If they are not, they will become homework. There will at times, be extra homework assignments/games.

Other- Projects, Writing, etc.

none at this time

Classroom Subjects


The students are currently reading a historical fiction called Number the Stars. It is about a Jewish girl from Denmark who has to hide from the Germans in WWII. We started the novel with a lot of background knowledge about what it was like for different groups of people to live in Germany (at that time). The discussions we are having about each chapter are awesome!

Social Studies

We are just starting a new unit about the American Revolution. We will be studying the events leading up to the Revolution, the causes behind it, different viewpoints, major battles and the shaping of a new nation. Along with the regular lessons in class the students will be involved in role playing, debate and using primary sources. They will also be choosing a research project to share with the rest of the class.


Our Science curriculum follows the .Idaho State Science Standards. Each Friday (Science Friday), the students will be given a hands on task, challenge or investigation to complete. For example, they may be asked to complete experiments to show how matter can change or to create a model of the rock cycle or plate tectonics. Starting in January, the students will change their focus to developing questions that can be answered by conducting scientific experiments. In May, we will be learning about the environment.and natural resources.


Our classroom is equipped with one on one Ipads and four computers. Because of this, our students will have the opportunity to use technology in a variety of ways. From blogging our reading, practicing our math skills, publishing our writing, and finding information to creating a variety of products to showcase/share our learning, students will be actively engaged in 21st Century learning. Along the way, they will learn about digital citizenship and become more efficient at keyboarding.


We are currently working on learning how to write Opinion/Argumentative Essays. Our unit began on reviewing how to write a proper paragraph complete with a hook, topic sentence, supporting sentences and a conclusion. We then moved on to learning how to state an opinion and back it up with evidence. Our finished essays will include an introduction with a hook, thesis, 3-4 body paragraphs, a refuting argument paragraph and a conclusion.


Our current math unit is focusing on different strategies to use when multiplying multi-digit numbers. Every student knows how to use each strategy but they all have a favorite. We also spend part of each day reviewing previous concepts and using Dreambox. The students are learning to think like mathematicians!

Classroom Government

The fifth grade class has been learning about the three branches of government; Legislative, Executive and Judicial. To begin our unit, the class divided into three groups and took the role of one of the branches. Then each group researched and learned about their specific branch. Our research was aided by a lesson from some U of I students (future teachers) that we watched live over the computer on our TV screen. Next we created a Google Slides presentation to teach the rest of the class. Finally, we created a Classroom Constitution, or set of “laws” for our classroom. Bills written by the students as well as the Legislative Branch had to pass through all three branches before they could become a law. Much discussion, research and amending of bills occurred before they were passed, vetoed or declared “unconstitutional” by the Judicial Branch. (In this case, unconstitutional meant against the rules of the school). Our classroom government worked and we have an excellent set of rules for our classroom!

Our Classroom Family

Meet Queenie

Hi, my name is Queenie. I am a female English Crested cavy, or guinea pig. I like most kinds of fruit (no pineapple), vegetables (except head lettuce, cabbage, broccoli , cauliflower and onions). I especially love spinach and hay. Like most guinea pigs, I do not like to be picked up but I do like to be petted, talked to and brushed. I have spent the summer in a quiet home so it will take time to get use to the many people in this classroom. PLEASE remember to use slow, gentle hands and quiet voices around me. Be patient with me, take good care of me and I will become a good classroom pet.

Guinea pigs make lots of quiet noises and even some loud ones. If you forget to feed me or give me a treat you will hear the loud ones!

Click on this link to take you to a mix of great web sites. The students will be using these throughout the year.


Here are some questions you can ask your child if he/she is struggling with a math problem...

  • What is the problem that you're working on?
  • Are there words in the directions or the problem that you do not understand?
  • Where do you think you should begin?
  • Is there anything that you already know that can help you work through the problem?
  • What have you done so far?
  • Do you have other problems like this one? Can we look at one of those together?
  • Can you draw a picture or make a diagram to show how you solved a problem like this one?
  • What is your teacher asking you to do? Can you explain it to me?
  • Can you tell me where you are stuck?


Just a reminder, Reading Blogs are due Monday mornings. They are worth 10 points each week and are a part of the Reading grade. In order to earn all 10 points, students must answer the questions in the blog and turn the blog in on time. If the blog is done promptly, I can have time to respond which makes it much more enjoyable for all.


Students will be given a Daily Agenda sheet each week. In the agenda, you will be able to see what the student learned during the day and any homework due. Your child will be expected to keep his/her agenda up to date. Areas highlighted indicate homework that is due. Please leave this piece of paper in their Home/School Folder.


At the end of each period (except music and p.e), students will be asked to rate their learning/behavior with the use of an Exit Ticket. (see below) They can earn 5 points each day for each subject. At the end of the week, the totaled points for each student will be entered into the grade book as a grade. The teacher will have the final say over the points given.

Exit Ticket

Name____________________ Subject ______________________ Date:______________

Participation, Behavior and Attitude are each worth 1 point. Score yourself a 0 or 1.

Homework/Classwork are worth 2 points. Give yourself 2 points if you completed both.

________ Participation- Did I participate in the lesson?

________ Behavior- Did I keep anyone (including myself) from learning?

________ Attitude- Did I have a positive attitude

________Homework and/or Classwork- Did I turn in my homework? Did I do my assigned work during class

____________DAILY TOTAL

Question I still have or something I have learned:

23-25- points- A 22-23 points- B 20-21 points- C 18-19 points- D 17 points and below- F