Mrs. D


8:00- 8:20 Number Corner

8:20- 8:45 Library/Computer

8:45-9:45 Lang. Arts

9:45-10:00 Recess

10:00-11:00 Math

11:00-12:00 Lunch/Recess

12:00-12:25 Math/Read Aloud

12:30 -1:12 Music or P.E.

1:15 -1:30 Recess

1:30 - 2:15 Reading

2:15- 3:00 Science/Soc. St.

3:00- 3:09 Prepare for Home


We spent 3 weeks learning about how many people have been mistreated just because of the color or their skin. After reading several stories, performing plays, and singing songs about equality and those who came before us such as Jackie Robinson, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King Jr., Ruby Bridges, and many more.


We have taken the opportunity to read and watch videos about American symbols and how we came to be the United States of America. Ask your child about the Revolutionary War, the Declaration of Independence, or the meaning of words in the Pledge of Allegiance. This understanding will hopefully allow us to realize and appreciate the freedom that we have and to honor those who helped secure it.


Each day we have the privilege of reading. We listen to stories, we read to ourselves, we read with partners, we work on sounds and words using letter tiles, magnets, games, and papers. We practice sight words and talk about stories. Then we practice reading at home with our families for at least 10 minutes a night and write down what we read in our reading log.

We are practicing nonfiction reading and gaining a great deal of knowledge about many topics. Using the table of contents, headings to tell what the page is about, labels for pictures and diagrams, reading bold words, and looking at the captions of zoomed in pictures are all ways to increase our knowledge. It has been informative learning how to gather information from these types of books.


We continue to apply our mathematical thinking to our new math curriculum called Bridges. In Number Corner we have been looking at the calendar pattern of congruent shapes. We are testing congruency by making each shape on a clear geoboard and then rotating one shape to overlay the other to see if it the same size and/or shape. Our data collection chart records number of sides and vertices. Our daily math assistant helps with collecting data and recording data. Currently he is collecting cubes each day of the week, recording it on a chart, deciding how to best make groups of tens to efficiently add the numbers together.


Since we are learning more about shapes one challenge we have is to look how objects in our world are composed of various shapes. Some are two dimensional and some are 3 dimensional. We have been learning about attributes that help us describe 3-d shapes. Help us take a shape walk at home or in the neighborhood to see if we can detect shapes around us.


Be Respectful

Be Responsible

Be Ready

We continue to practice these 3 school-wide goals wherever we are. It takes practice to become skilled at these whether it be in the classroom, at recess, with our art, P.E., or music teacher. When we practice these three goals as a group we have found our classroom to function at a high level. We continue to think about other learners, how to lower our voices, how to transition from one setting to another with ease, and how to take care of each other. This makes our classroom community a safe place to be for all of us.

Reading Fun