Welcome to Challenge Week 2020 (CW20)

Follow two amazing years of Challenge Week, we have focussed on providing yet more outstanding opportunities for learners to face an even wider range of challenges. With more than 40 projects to choose from, CW20 is even better than ever before. We have more experiences, more choices, more challenging activities and .... more fun.

Between 14-19 June, learners in Years 5-13 will take part in a wide range of challenges which ask learners to leave their comfort zone and enter into a new and unfamiliar environment. We have created a diverse range of opportunities including overseas residential trips for the more adventurous and more local options for those beginning to explore the world. Many challenges involve community and charity based experiences, whilst others are skill-based personal challenges such learning baking skills, scuba diving and acting workshops.

All activities involve new learning and each experience is designed to develop IPC Personal Goals and Secondary ATLS. CW20 is a key part of the Nexus Curriculum.

Challenge Week Choices

Learners must either choose a 2 day option (Monday & Tuesday) and a 3 day option (Wednesday to Friday)


choose a 5 day option.

In order to allow everyone the chance to do an activity of choice, you cannot choose to do the same 2 day and 3 day activity.

Learners MUST CHOOSE 3 POSSIBLE WEEKS. i.e. not just one option

Booking opens

6 November @ 18:00

The deadline for making choices is midnight 10 November 2019.

The learners must select their top 3 weekly choices (incase your first weekly choice is full).

Each weekly option consists of either:

  • a 2 day option (Monday and Tuesday) and a 3 day option (Wednesday - Friday)


  • a 5(+) day option.

Whilst we will endeavour to provide your child with their first choice, it should be noted that this may not possible and, for this reason, it is essential that learners are happy to actively participate in any of their three choices.

Learners and parents will be informed which activity they are enrolled before 18 November, at the latest.