Jen Howarth

We have looked into the larger solar companies and they were just too impersonal. Alex and Brian came to my home and explained every step of the process clearly! My husband and I were relieved to see how down to Earth these guys are. They were honest and genuinely concerned with helping us and making sure the panel design would be efficient and effective! Unlike the “big” companies, these guys are your every day family men and they know the importance of a budget. Nextek is the type of company that will be there every step of the way and won’t dodge your calls! I can not wait to get our panels and start saving money!

Gary Hastings

Nextek did an excellent job installing my new solar panels!! Done the “RIGHT WAY!” All the conduits were ran neatly through my attic leaving nothing exposed on my rooftop. A nice, clean, symmetrical install! Would highly recommend to anyone looking to OWN solar panels and not get ripped off by other companies just trying to force a lease with an ugly, rushed installation. Nextek is the way to go!

Jeffrey Pilch

Working with Alex from Nextek was an absolute pleasure. He was very honest and helped both my wife and I understand the difference between leasing and owning as well as what the optimal setup would be for our budget. We were informed, from the moment we signed up to the day our system was live, about what’s next and it’s been mostly a painless process. If you are in the market for solar, I highly recommend you talk with Alex about how owning your system gets you the biggest benefit both in the short term as well as long term.

TJ Velyki

I did research before reaching out to a few companies about solar. Nextek and Alex the owner of the company were by far the most professional and prompt company I dealt with. He came to out house and explained the entire process and answered all of our questions. We did not sign up the first night as we wanted to do more research and think about the decision. Alex was understanding and came back a second time to show us the design and how the system would look. At that point we made the decision to sign. Alex has been in constant contact with us through the whole process. We just had our system installed and it looks great. The install team was professional and very clean. Install was done in one day and we could not be happier. If you are looking into solar you need to call Alex and the Nextek team. As a realtor I have dealt with quite a few solar companies and this is by far the company you want to work with

Jamie Willoughby

Nextek solar just finished installing my new solar system. The team was honest, dependable, intelligent, gave realistic expectations and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend this company to family and friends.

Mike Walters

We had been looking into solar panels for quite some time. We knew that we wanted to buy not lease. We had heard of a company called Nextek and wanted to look more into it. We attended a local fair in town and met with Jim Calista. He was very informative and helpful. Jim came out to our home within the next few days with a plan for us based off of the information we sent him. Jim explained the entire process to us and made sure we knew the ins and outs of getting solar panels for our home. We made the decision to work with Nextek that very night.

Yesterday, the crew came out to install our panels. The set up took a few hours and they did need access to the inside of our home during this time (We were already aware of this).

About an hour after our installation, Alex Lukacher stopped by to check and see how everything had gone. There was one missing panel that needed to be installed and it was done within the hour. Jim also stopped today to check on everything.

This company has been a pleasure to work with. We look forward to getting our system turned on and saving money on our electric bill.

Kelly Coda

During the process of deciding to invest in solar, we have had the pleasure of working with Jim Calista, Alex Lukacher as well as Tom who manages the installation process itself. From the day that Jim stepped foot in our home, we knew that Nextek was the company we would be trusting to work with. Clear explanation of the process, with a direct and informative presentation left us comfortable in the decision that we made. Alex prides himself on the company he is running and the employees with which he hires to work for him. This has proven to be highly accurate throughout the process with each member of the company who has entered or worked on our home. The installation day itself was HIGHLY impressive with work the work ethic and cleanliness of the employees on site and in our home. Their clean up was impeccable and they treated our property with respect. We met with multiple other companies prior to making our decision and they were all pushy, unclear on the benefits to us as the owners, and vague as to how the process of ownership worked. Any question we have had along the way has been met with a clear and informative answer, and at no point have we felt that we have been given the run-around. We have had quite a few neighbors approach us already after seeing social media posts about going solar and expressing how they have thought about it, but just don't feel like dealing with all the sales pitches or people who show up at their door. We will continue to refer without hesitation Nextek Solar and Energy Management due to the professional and honest way that they handle their business! Thank You for paving a future of financial stability for us which will fully benefit us in our future of 3 teenage daughters

Paul Robinson and Gina Kerley

I met Alex at the Brigantine Farmer’s Market when I was next door with the Coast Guard Auxiliary. Another Auxiliarist was with me that day and she explained that she installed solar panels about seven years ago and how happy she was to make the change. She had the panels paid off and explained that not only did she eliminate her electric bill but was actually selling power that she was generating to the tune of several thousand dollars. Alex and I chatted briefly on and off during the morning and I invited him to join wife and me for a more formal education on solar power the following week.

Alex came and provided us with a ton of useful information about the industry, the function, the tax incentives, and what options we would have if we were interested. Wife and I enjoyed the presentation because it was more of a college class rather than a sales pitch. As owner of the business, Alex simply “told it like it is” and allowed us to ask whatever questions we needed so that we could fully understand what we were looking at. Wife and I were very impressed with Alex and his knowledge of the industry from A to Z. We were comfortable enough that we decided to hire Alex and his company. Alex explained that his engineer would come to the house and evaluate our needs. The evaluation determined that 31 panels would likely be the number. Our decision to purchase the panels and take advantage of the tax breaks (30% for us) meant that we would ostensibly trade our electric bill for the cost of the panels. PLUS, we would produce power that we could sell (SRECS) that would further offset the price.

The team that installed the panels was as professional as any I have ever dealt with. The manager of the team introduced himself and explained what was going to happen and how long it would take. The job was done exactly as he explained and the work area was left cleaner than we had it when they started. We were honestly impressed that we had work done on the house but the only way you would know would be to look up at the roof to see the panels. The entire area that was used for construction was spotless!

In conclusion, we effectively traded our monthly electric bill for the cost of the solar panels, just like Alex explained, rather than paying the electric company, we are paying the cost of the panels. However, we have already sold close to several thousand dollars in SRECS. In short, we have not only NOT had an electric bill since the panels were installed but have actually generated income to use against the purchase price of the panels. Sweet! Gina and I highly recommend Alex and his Nextek Company if you are even thinking about going solar. He educated us on the business, evaluated what WE needed and not what the business wanted to sell, installed the devices and completely cleaned up afterwards, but most of all, everything that we talked about – all of the benefits of what solar could do for us is happening every month since the system was turned on. And a coastal storm that came shortly after installation demonstrated that everything was tight and leakproof. Yes, we are happy customers. Actually, I know other folks who have had Alex install panels on their property and they are equally happy with their decision as well. It is comforting to know that we made the right decision when we chose Alex and Nextek.