Bees & Love

Bees are Dying!

The Problem:

The problem that we are focusing on is bee decline. The main cause of this decline is due to the use of neonicotinoid pesticides which are dangerous and harmful chemicals used on plants which harm not only unwanted bugs, but bees as well. Bees perform a critical function by pollinating most of the fruits and vegetables that we eat and depend on everyday. Their essential roles help maintain biodiversity and regulate our food supply through pollination. Without them our food chain will collapse!

Our Mission:

We plan to increase awareness of the problem of bee decline, since change doesn't happen without knowledge of the problem in the first place. And we are providing support to the local bee population by identifying native plants that flowers and fruit trees that we can grow locally. These plants will be able to be treated with natural pesticides that do not contain neonicotinoids. To provide additional support, we have also made bee hotels for solitary native bees to live in and safer access to bird baths to prevent them from drowning. Since the bees are such a large part of our ecosystem, they are very necessary to keep alive. We recommend encouraging friends and neighbors to avoid harmful pesticides and asking local farmers and garden supply stores to use / sell more natural alternatives.

Our Fresh Perspective:

Most people are unaware of the importance of bee pollination, they see bees as a terrifying creature's that are prone to stinging, however bees are essential to our very civilization. Bees are estimated to produce about 200 billion dollars a year in the agriculture industry. Bees are also essential to many other industry's as well, these include coffee bean, clothing, and of course honey just to mention a few! We hope to give you a fresh perspective of bees, and show you that they aren't out to get you!

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