Counselor Workshops

Counselor Workshop Descriptions

Click here to see the descriptions of our Counselor Workshops for all the high school grades. 9th and 12th grade Counselor Workshops are scheduled in the 1st Semester. 10th and 11th grade Counselor Workshops are scheduled in the 2nd Semester.

Senior Counselor Workshop Timeline

Here are the titles and class descriptions for the seniors in order of how we did them this year:

  • Overview of the College Process: Introduction to what we will be covering in CW for the semester. Will provide students with a Senior Checklist to help them navigate through the college application process and review the timeline of applying to college.
  • Common Application ~ How To: Students will create a Common App account and each section of the Common Application will be reviewed with the students. Discussion on how to apply to college if the common application is not accepted by the college will also be covered.
  • Essay and Resume Writing Review: A review of what college admissions counselors are looking for in a college essay and resume will be discussed. The essay questions on the common app will be reviewed as well as completing/updating the resume.
  • Financial Aid ~ FAFSA and CSS Profile: Go over the financial aid process ~ show students where to sign up for FAFSA ID and where to check to see if the CSS Profile needs to be submitted. Discuss information needed to apply for financial aid as well as timeline.
  • Scholarships: Review where to find all the various scholarships that are available on Naviance as well as websites to visit.
  • Wrap it Up ~ Review Lesson: Review all that was discussed throughout the CW ~ hand back the Senior checklist for review and to track progress in the college process.