Website evaluation: credibility, readability, expertise, date.


  • Who is behind the site
    • Is there an About Us section?
    • Who is the site affiliated with?
  • What is its purpose?
    • To inform? To persuade? To sell you something?


  • Is it well-written?
    • Is the information clear and concise?
    • Are there spelling errors?
  • Is it well-organized?
    • Is there a well-designed menu?
    • Can you find information you need?


  • Are the website creators authorities in this area?
    • Are they affiliated with professional organizations?
  • What are the authors' bona fides?
    • Do they list their credentials?
    • Can you verify their identity?


  • When was the website published?
    • Is the site update regularly?
  • Does this site suit your needs?
    • Is the information out of date?