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Below is a calendar overview of the 2018-19 curriculum units:

8th Grade Curriculum Calendar.docx

Details about the Fantasy Congress game:

  • The game will end after Election Day.
  • Each league will contain up to 10 other students, Mr. Swan, and 1 other Bigelow teacher.
  • There will be 8 separate leagues. Twins have been deliberately placed in different leagues, so some families can play with two accounts.
  • Every league has a Discussion Board that will be carefully moderated to make sure students use it appropriately.
  • I reserve the right to delete any player for any reason.
  • SAFETY NOTE FROM THE GAME CREATOR: “Just for clarification, the only personal information that’s collected are email addresses and those are not sold or distributed for profit in any way. We do use a third party system that has access to them for sending out emails (called send grid). We also have a privacy policy and terms of use posted on our website.”