Clubs are for any student interested in being involved in a variety of after school activities. Clubs may last for a few months or the entire school year. Clubs are open to students in all grades except where noted. Most clubs meet after school from 2:40pm - 4:10pm.

The student activity fee for the school year covers all school-sponsored extra-curricular activities in the middle schools, not including athletics. The fee is $60 per student per year, not including drama; if the student also participates in drama, the fee is $100. This annual fee allows a student to participate in an unlimited number of activities.

for more information and ways to pay the fee, please go to the district's Fee Payment and Waiver Information Page.

All activities are supervised by teachers. Information about clubs are posted in the cafeteria, throughout the walls of the school, and on our morning announcement show. Schedules and upcoming clubs will also be posted on this website. At times an activity may be canceled. Students need to listen to announcements so that they know when an activity is being canceled.

The creation of new clubs are always encouraged. Day prides itself that students are empowered to create clubs to help them and others create a stronger community with in our school. To create a club there needs to be a minimum of five students and a teacher advisor. Students can contact us in person or via email if they need help finding an advisor or getting the word out to students.

If you have any questions please contact co-Triple E Directors Andy Comings and Mark Murphy:

Club advisors can also answer specific questions about their clubs.

List of Clubs

Examples from past years include: Homework Club, Ultimate Frisbee Club, Anime Club, S.A.D.D (students Against Destructive Decisions), AM Open Gym, Morning Announcements, Innovation Club, Indoor Floor Hockey, Jazz Band Club, Yearbook, Green Club, Lego Robotics, and Tennis Club.

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Girls Who Code - Advisors: Ms. Carlin & Ms. Kerner - Room 104

Girls Who Code Club meets after school Mondays in room 104 and is open to girls in all grade levels. Did you know that less than a quarter of technology jobs go to women? Let's start changing this in middle school! In this club girls work together to learn coding by having fun, eating snacks, and completing a project that helps the community.

6th Grade Flag Football Club - Advisor: Mr. Thompson

Every Thursday the club meets outside the school by the bikes (overlooking the mural). New teams are made every week and the goal is to have fun and meet / make new friends. This club is for 6th graders only and meets in the fall only.

Anime Club - Advisor Ms. Hoerman-Room 102

Anime club is where students get together to watch anime movies and draw anime characters with one of Day's art teachers. The club is a drop in club and there is no need to commit to every week.

Clay Club - Advisor Ms. Horner - Room 108

Students have an opportunity to make anything they like out of clay. There is some technical instruction and help with generating ideas on an as-needed basis. Due to the large numbers in the past this club will be limited to 20 students but their will be 3 sessions to make sure all who are interested can join.

Ultimate Frisbee -Advisor Mr. Granofsky - Room 216

Frisbee Club is back! We will play Mondays and Wednesdays from 2:35 to 4:10, from now until the weather gets too cold. Meet in Room 216. Everyone welcome!

The Comedy Club - Advisor: Mr. Barr - Room 314 on Thursdays

The Comedy Club practices every Thursday after school in Mr. Barr's room, 314. Together, we learn and practice different types of improv comedy and build up our knowledge of short-form improv games. Attending practice on a regular basis is mandatory to participate in our two yearly showcases, in January and June. Students can join in October or early November for our January show, or start in mid-January or February for our June show.

Day Diversity Club- Ms. Wong; Ms. Bernier- Room 112- Wednesdays

Day Diversity Club acknowledges and values the richness of our cultural backgrounds and identities. Meetings will include activities that bring different communities together through discussions, guest speakers, and participation in events that acknowledges and celebrates cultural diversity in our school community.

ELL Homework Club - Advisor: Ms. Lobo & Ms. - Room 225

ELL Homework Club is a great place for ELL students to come after school to have a quiet place to work, use classroom resources, and to get help with homework if needed.

GSA-Advisor: Mr. Landau- See Mr. Landau for more information.

The Gender and Sexuality Alliance is a national organization focused on creating inclusive school environments. This club will provide a safe space to discuss issues related to sexual orientation and gender identity.

Magic the Gathering Club - Advisor: Ms. Maher - Room 115 on Wednesdays

In this club, the members play games of their choice using their Magic deck cards. We welcome all skill levels and members are willing to train new players. Bring your deck and join in the fun!

Dungeons and Dragons - Advisor: Mr. Green: - Room 220 on Wednesdays

In this club, kids will be playing a fantasy tabletop role-playing game.

Morning Gym- Mr. Powell, Ms. Teague, Mr. Wachtelhausen, Ms. Church- M,T, W, TH

Day students are welcome to participate in morning open gym from 7:30-7:50 AM.

SADD / Kindness Club -Advisor: Mr. Landau- Room 106

Students Against Destructive Decisions is a national organization that empowers young people to make positive choices. We put on many events throughout the school year aimed at making Day Middle School a kind and welcoming place.

The FA Day Snowsports club is open to 6, 7, and 8 grade with a capped enrollment of 95 students. The club takes six trips to Wachusett Mountain Ski Area leaving Day at 3:00 PM and returning at 8:30 PM. This club requires additional fees to cover transportation, lift tickets, and rentals/lessons when applicable. Transportation is provided by coach bus. Snowsports club, chaperoned by Day faculty, provides opportunity for a lot of freedom and teaches/requires reciprocal amounts of responsibility as students are not always under direct supervision from the chaperones. The club is open to all level alpine skiers and snowboarders. About 20% of club members take a lesson. Lessons are required for all beginners. Club members drop off gear Wednesday mornings in a storage room and retrieve it after school on the way to the bus.

Lettering Club - Advisor Ms. Marx - room 229

Come learn the basics of brush lettering and other types of creative hand-lettering! Everyone is welcome from beginners to experts. We can also work on bullet journaling and projects such as making cards, posters, and decorations.

German Club - Advisor Ms. Kincaid - room 109

Sprechen sie Deutch? Come learn to speak conversational German! Everyone welcome, from beginners to fluent German speakers.

Stage Crew Club - Advisor: Ms. McGettrick - room 110 **This club meets in the morning on Day 6

This club meets before school on day 6 in the drama room (110). The club is open to all grades and is for students who are interested participating in stage crew for the 4 theatrical productions. Students will learn how to run the light board, sound board, spot lights, and more.