Reconvexo Collective

Reconvexo is a group of Brazilian students of The New School for Social Research. We have been fighting for academic freedom and ways of informing and exchanging our views about the current democratic crisis in Brazil. We are currently planning a big conference in April 2019, following an event that we hosted in October 2018. The event is sponsored by NSSR and, for one day, will mobilize students and professors to discuss current challenges and perspectives for Brazil. The call for papers for the conference will focus on our belief that the way out of this dark moment demands the reenactment of our capacity to dream, to imagine and to produce alternative paths, futures, and programs to Brazil. We are also in contact with Brazilian students at NYU, CUNY and Columbia Universities and planning joint events to strengthen the Brazilian community and bring visibility to all the events we are planning.

To contact us please send an e-mail to: