The Weekly Sun

A Website for the Families of

Rebecca Burdett's Kindergarten

Hi, Families!

Welcome to our Website! This is where we will share ideas and think about learning at home.

I'll be seeing you soon!

This week, I'll be meeting with each of you to see what you've been doing while you've been at home. You can bring to our meeting anything you'd like to talk about. Some of you have been reading, keeping journals, working on collections, planting seeds,'s amazing all the ways you've used your time at home. This week, bring one of these projects for us to look at and talk about. I'll show YOU some of my home projects, too. (Here's a hint: I have lots of pots and dirt and seeds!)

There are more pages inside! Click on the words at the top of the page: Home, Schedules, A Message from Rebecca, Poem of the Week and Nature News with J.E.T.B. ! I'll be adding pages all the time, so be sure to look at the website every day!