Welcome to the New Paltz Middle School Student Support Center

Phone (845) 256-4220

Fax (845) 256-4229

Coordinator of Student Support Services, Secondary

Alexandra MacKinnon


School Counselors

Mrs. Joanne Metzger


Student Last Names: A-L

Mrs. Katie Tracz


Student Last Names: M-Z

School Social Worker

Mr. David Rosenfeld



K-8 Bilingual Counselor

Ms. Patriza Gonzalez


School Psychologist

Mrs. Rheam Deans




Mrs. Kathy Buboltz

The Student Support Center at New Paltz Middle School assists 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students in the following areas:

  • Learn conflict resolution skills

  • Learn strategies to deal with on-going changes in personal and academic life

  • Individual counseling for any issues that arise for students

  • Transition challenges that potentially arise each year

  • Understand the school-to-work connection

  • Participate in groups that are relevant to student issues

You can contact the student support center anytime. The following services are offered to parents:

  • Arrange parent/teacher/counselor conferences

  • Discuss academic/social/emotional issues with your child’s counselor individually

  • New student registration and orientation

Counselors are great resources. They are actively involved in the school and community:

  • Contact with local agencies and community resources

  • Involvement in various community service activities

  • Membership in various school committees

  • Meet with academic teams of teachers weekly

  • Are members of the Instructional Support Team

  • Coordinate and analyze state testing and results