Welcome to the New Paltz Middle School Student Support Center

Phone (845) 256-4220

Fax (845) 256-4229

Coordinator of Student Support Services, Secondary

Alexandra MacKinnon


School Counselors

Mrs. Joanne Metzger


Student Last Names: A-L

Mrs. Katie Tracz


Student Last Names: M-Z

School Social Worker

Mr. David Rosenfeld



K-8 Bilingual Counselor

School Psychologist

Mrs. Rheam Deans




Ms. Janine D'Antuono

The Student Support Center at New Paltz Middle School assists 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students in the following areas:

  • Learn conflict resolution skills

  • Learn strategies to deal with on-going changes in personal and academic life

  • Individual counseling for any issues that arise for students

  • Transition challenges that potentially arise each year

  • Understand the school-to-work connection

  • Participate in groups that are relevant to student issues

You can contact the student support center anytime. The following services are offered to parents:

  • Arrange parent/teacher/counselor conferences

  • Discuss academic/social/emotional issues with your child’s counselor individually

  • New student registration and orientation

Counselors are great resources. They are actively involved in the school and community:

  • Contact with local agencies and community resources

  • Involvement in various community service activities

  • Membership in various school committees

  • Meet with academic teams of teachers weekly

  • Are members of the Instructional Support Team

  • Coordinate and analyze state testing and results