GIFTED is a home and programme for local women, launched and managed by local women. It provides a safe and supportive environment where women with life-controlling issues can receive love, value and acceptance and begin living in a hopeful and positive way. GIFTED is based around a carefully designed recovery programme which has benefited from tried and tested material used in successful recovery initiatives around the UK and beyond.

The women on the programme live in their own room in a beautiful property in Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire. Here they learn the skills they need to venture into life with confidence and hope. They are visited by qualified professionals bringing a wide range of help and volunteers who offer encouragement & moral support. The women will visit other locations to increase their confidence, broaden their horizons and receive specialist training.

GIFTED staff and volunteers ensure that every step toward recovery, however small, is celebrated


Managing Mental HealthFrom level 3 to 5From: “I realise that I desperately need to get out of my situation and GIFTED seems the life line” to: I am putting small goals in place and I do have some hope for the future. When I stop worrying I get glimpses of “it will be alright!”

Social networksFrom level 2 to 5From: “I am isolated and wish things could be different” to: “I had a wrap course this morning and was asked to write down what makes me feel good. I wrote down a whole list of things I have discovered I like doing and it was a really nice feeling!”

Identity and Self EsteemFrom level 3 to 5From: “I feel of no value and need help” to: “I am starting to believe in myself more”


I entered GIFTED in February 2015. I had eventually accepted I needed help. I’m not saying it was easy and I have struggled with the rules and boundaries at times. However throughout this programme I have accepted the help offerred and completed various courses, some of which have totally enlightened me.

I will be leaving GIFTED with a totally different outlook on life. I have also met some wonderful, genuine and caring people assossiated with the project. My family and friends cannot believe the transformation I have made in my life with the help of GIFTED. Alongside my new rebuilt self confidence I have grown and developed so much in so many different ways and enjoyed experiences I would previously have totally avoided. I will be leaving GIFTED a new person, capable of coping with life.

GIFTED has so much to offer and although it would not suit everyone, the help on offer for those who choose to accept it can be life-changing. The staff and volunteers genuinely care and this is obvious and not forced. I intend to keep in touch with people I have met and now look forward to my life and feel able to cope with whatever my future may hold.


Gifted has helped me in so many ways. I went into Gifted on the 3rd February 2013 as an angry girl who hated life. I covered all my problems with drink but Gifted has shown me that it wasn’t the answer.

Gifted has brought so much stuff out of me i.e. my creative side, gardening and many more. Gifted has also helped me to rebuild my relationships with my twin sister and my mum which I thought would never happen. To this day I am no longer as angry as I was and I don’t use alcohol to cover my problem. I couldn’t be any more happier than I am now with life and within myself.”


“I entered the Gifted house on 13th March 2013 after having a breakdown. I was suffering with life controlling issues which were affecting my family life. I was in a very unhappy marriage and suffered domestic violence. I was like a little girl lost and alone with no-one to turn to and no love or support.

Going into Gifted was the best thing I could have done. Having that opportunity makes me feel so lucky as with the support Gifted has given me I have been able to turn my life around and get back on track with confidence and skills that I have gained throughout the program. I have numerous certificates for courses I have attended and have gained qualifications which are now being used to help me gain employment in the future.

The staff have being amazing making me feel loved and having faith in me. I now feel empowered to stay strong for my children and enable them to have a better future. I would like to add that I do honestly feel this is because the Gifted staff have believed and encouraged me along the way.


“Gifted has supported me in coming clean form my addiction which took over my life. It has shown me that there is more to life than drinking myself to death. It has got me back with my family and my children. It has given me confidence to move on with my life.

Because of Gifted and all the amazing staff I now have now moved into my own place and do voluntary work. I have been on lots of courses and have got certificates I never had. I have a lot to thank Gifted for and I will never be able to repay them for all they did for me. I thank them for every day I have got now because without them I would not be here”

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