We Believe ... Our school is a place of learning. It is a place where we treat each other with respect and honesty. Our school is a place where we work and play in a way that is safe and fair.

This is my second year here at New Horizons!

I am so excited to be teaching Grade 6 full time and can't wait to spend the year learning and growing with this wonderful group of students. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.

Email: aservold@newhorizons.ca

Need some instrumental music to help you focus on your studying or homework?

Here is the playlist we use in class!

Homework, Studying & Deadline Expectations:

  1. Homework is to be written into agendas at the end of each block, if incomplete.
  2. Homework is assigned when/if a student is unable to complete the assigned work during class time.
  3. It is recommended that students do not spend more than an hour on school related homework each night.
  4. If a student is unable to finish homework due to unavoidable circumstance, the student is to email the teacher promptly.
  5. Google classroom deadlines are typically flexible and may be edited to reflect the due date accurately according to student need.
  6. Students will "submit" assignments on classroom in a timely manner.
  7. Students are expected to study regularly and to avoid "cramming" for tests and quizzes.
  8. Project/Assignment deadlines are typically flexible and may be subject to change according to student need.
  9. Students are to be communicative and active members of the classroom, expressing their needs to the teacher in a timely and professional manner.