Social Media Awareness

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Social Media Safety Awareness for Teens and Adults

Does the world of online communication baffle you? Or does it seem to be changing so fast that the terms and language of Tweet, Facebooking, and so on just overwhelm you? This workshop is going to present to you and your caregivers an overview of what is what with these new channels of social media. Registration for the workshop is for teens and their adult (caregiver, parent) and will cover texting language, emojis, and various jargon and acronyms you should be aware of when online or accessing these services.

Dates: Sat Nov 25 and Sun Nov 26th, 2017 308 Royal Ave , Parish Hall

Cost : (for both teen and caregiver attending) $300 Ages 12 to 18 for Teens

Times: 10 am to 2 pm

Registration: due by Nov 17, 2017 for funding forms to be completed. Call us at 250 376 0375 or email at