The World of Ryuu

You are invited to join New Heights in welcoming our newest social program, the World of Ryuu.

Designed to reach children and teens who struggle with social skills. This group provides a safe and entertaining environment for our youth to explore the game of Ryuu and learn more about themselves.

World of Ryuu (r)

To Be Announced

Costs: $450 (AFU funding can be used)

Card Deck, Worksheets and Game Materials Covered Included

Registration Open now. Contact us for details.

from Ryuu World website:

• “Ryuu World: Inspired by Pokémon and other

fantasy genres, that teach social and emotional skills to children and teens with ASD.”

• “The non-competitive games and learning activities teach social, communication and emotional skills by building on fantasy and play themes that interest many children.”

• “Children can learn from the struggles and triumphs of the dragons who become masters of their social world. “

“The Ryuu world features 6 dragons with social and emotional problems who want to learn and evolve like other dragons. The dragons do this by getting help for the 18 “ light forces” characters and learning to fight against 17 “ dark force” characters.”

Registration now open, spots are limited. Follow this link to our Registration Form.

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