All our programs are facilitated with fun, safety and learning as the goals. We are creative and look to motivate children with autism spectrum disorder naturally with the activities we engage them in, to learn new skills and tools for living. When they grow, develop self-esteem, and beam with joy at their success, we have done our work.

We also seek your input as parents. We invite you to come to groups with your child to learn what they are learning so you can use it at home and help your child develop mastery of the skills. We also enjoy your insights about your child's needs, as they are emerging as well. We also appreciate having you get to know other parents who are sharing your parenting experience as well.

So, check out the pages we have for more details about our programs. These groups have two primary purposes; one, allow the children to learn the tools from our facilitators from a standard curriculum, and two, allow your child to learn from their peers and develop experience with those tools in a safe environment. We hope those peers from our groups become friends that understand.

Or attend our next Parent's Open House, where we can show you our materials, meet the facilitators, and talk to us about how we can meet your family's needs.

New Heights Autism Support Society

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