Membership with New Heights Autism Support Society

Becoming a member of our society helps us with our continuing mission to serve the needs of children with special needs and their families.

We are always looking for members, and membership with the society helps us to build towards a strong future in the 21st century serving children, youth and families who have Autism Spectrum Disorders.

We seek to be flexible, innovative, cost-effective, resourceful and responsive to address family needs and children's needs present and emerging; we have volunteer opportunities to individuals to assist in our goals as a society.

Our primary goal is enabling children to develop fully to their potential with the services we provide, and assisting families to do that respecting their values, culture, and beliefs as a family.

We are looking for members for our society.

Currently we serve families in Kamloops, Merritt, Clearwater, Salmon Arm and all around the Interior of BC. We endeavor to see that Autism is not a barrier to personal development and that the children and families thrive with the support of our “home away from home” through our services and programs.

And your membership and support will help us do that.

With your membership, we offer

1. Opportunity to assist in development of therapy and support services in the kid friendly forms of camps, activity programs and other activities that develop skills at developmentally appropriate levels. Your insight matters to us in making service for your family work best.

2. A way to lend your voice, time, experience to help influence service provision directly to families and children, and build resources and services that are cost effective, allowing families to address the unique needs of their child and family.

3. An opportunity to help develop a dream whereby therapeutic services can be provided at home, at our centre / in the community, or a combination of both, regardless of where the family and child resides in the Interior of BC.

To apply for membership, please fill in the online form.

Memberships can be purchased with email transfer.

We will notify you directly with membership details.