Upcoming Summer 2018 Programs and Events

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If you would like to be reminded or updated on the different programs and events that we have running through the year, please feel free to contact us and we can add you to a mailing list.

Autism Therapy Support: In Home, at New Heights Therapy Rooms, in the Community, or a combination of all three.

No two children are the same. We decide together with parents which environment the individual child will be most successful.

We accommodate those in under-serviced and rural areas as well. Our flexibility is to fit your child's needs so that they can become flexible and adapt over time.

Cooking Programs

A fun and safe learning environment to learn some life skills in the kitchen. We teach kitchen safety and healthy food choices, and food preparation for all ages. You will find more information under Children's Programs

Social Groups and Programs

We use a variety of different social programs. These programs help give your child the tools they need in areas they may be struggling in, allowing a safe structured way to be develop their skills to their age and developmental needs. We also look for ways to engage their motivation and interest in learning so the goal of being able to cope and transfer what they have learned goes beyond the group or program to their participation in their lives in the family and the community. You will find more information under Children's Programs . As with all our group programs, the children, we hope will develop or continue friendships in a supportive environment we provide, with each other at home or in the community.

Parent Support and Advocacy

New Heights Autism Support Society was formed with the idea of helping caregivers of children with autism in Kamloops and surrounding areas meet the needs of their children. We know that choice and flexibility is part of that. As a non-profit society, we look to our families as members of our society to help provide feedback and direction to responding to those needs in the 21st century. New research is forthcoming, and families are busy.

We look to provide information to parents with our library of resources at Kennedy House, with our new partnership with Parent Support Services Society, and as always, with our open houses for parents. We also have organized training and opened up that training to parents as well. We host and organize a Special Needs Parents Appreciation Event for the community, and more. For further details about what we are offering, please see Family and Caregivers.

New Heights Autism Support Society

Mailing Address

618 Tranquille Ave, Unit 2

Kamloops, British Columbia V2B 3H5

Office Number: 250.376.0375

Email: info@newheightsautism.com

Office Hours

Summer Hours:

    • Monday to Friday, 8:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M

Winter Hours:

    • Monday to Friday, 9:00 A.M. To 5:00 P.M.

Other times of day by appointment- We are flexible.