Help me complete the restoration of the 1917 Model T Ford previously owned by Caroline Wright Reis by donating on my GoFundMe page:

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Any donations received in excess of the cost of restoration will be turned-over to the Somers Historical Society in order to maintain the Model T in the future.

Thank you!

Thank You For Your Support!

I would like to acknowledge all of my donors . . .

Lawton Adams

Anonymous Donors

A&S Ignition, Inc, Patterson, NY

Boniello Development

Mr. & Mrs. James Caron

Mr. Greg Caron & Ms. Frances Cicogna

Mrs. Rosalie Cicogna

Ms. Jacqueline Cicogna

Ms. Rosalie Catherine Cicogna

Mr. & Mrs. Edward Dilisio

Mrs. Faye DeSanto

Mr. & Mrs. Enoch & Family

Extreme Vehicle Builders

Ms. Carol Forschheimer

Ms. Patricia Gagliardi

Mr. & Mrs. Tom Garrity

Mr. & Mrs. Arnie Guyot

Ms. Jeane Jackson

Mrs. Martha Keane

Mr. Matthew Krusko

Mr. & Mrs. Peter MacDonald

Mr. Jim Marciano, Jim's Machine Shop

Mr. & Mrs. Multari, Mamma Rosa Ristorante

The Molkenbur Family

Mr. Robert Ondrovic

Mr. Vincent Papa, Mavis Tire of Mahopac

Putnam Radiator, Mahopac, NY

Mr. & Mrs. Reimann and Family

Ms. Jessica Reimann

Juliette Sussman, Route 100 Market

Somers 50 Reunion

The Delzio Family, The Mexican Shack

The Somers Pharmacy

The Somers Republican Club

Diane & John Supple

Sweet Delights

Mr. Mark Weber

Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Zimmerman

Without these Experts and Mentors I would not have been able to complete this project . . . a heartfelt thank you for your time, effort and energy!

Mr. Arnie Guyot

Mr. Tom Leonard

My Mom and Dad

My Troop 228 Scout Leaders & Brothers

Thank You Sponsors!

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Although I am restoring the Model T, it is going to require additional funding in order to maintain the vehicle for the coming years. Please continue to donate as any monies donated in excess of our restoration costs will go into a fund for the Model T's maintenance and upkeep. Thank you!

Cash and in-kind donations. Thank you!

Goal $3,000

Actual $7,527