About the Project

My name is Max. I am a Boy Scout and have been an active member of the Somers, NY Troop 228 for the past 5 years, earning the rank of Life Scout.

I had been seeking a project for my Eagle Scout Rank, when I recently learned that the Model T Ford, previously owned by The Caroline Wright Reis family, needed repair. I was very interested in this project for several reasons. Both my Great Grandfathers were directly related to the booming Automotive Industry many years ago.

My paternal Great Grandfather Cyprien worked directly for Henry Ford putting radiators on cars in Windsor, Ontario.

My maternal Great Grandfather Salvatore owned a gas station and auto mechanic’s shop for many years in Queens, NY.

My Objective

Restore the 1917 Model T Ford previously owned by Caroline Wright Reis into operational motor function (Road worthy) for the Town of Somers, NY.

Repair or replace major non-functioning parts. Thoroughly clean and degrease interior and exterior. Touch-up of paint on undercarriage. Preliminary review showed that we need to repair or replace the Gas Tank, Radiator, Carburetor, Battery/ Battery Wires, Brakes/ Brake lines, Tires, Muffler. Parts list may change as work is completed.

I intend to restore the Model T Ford into “road ready” condition so that it may be used in all Somers Town Events including the parades, of which I have marched both as a Boy Scout and Somers Leo. Working closely with Arnie Guyot, my sponsor and trustee for the Somers historical society, I am looking forward to learning more about the mechanics behind the car, and gaining new leadership skills along the way.

Any Money Earned through fundraising over and above the cost of parts repairs should be used for future maintenance of the Model T.