Patent Prosecution

New England Intellectual Property is very successful with the drafting and prosecuting patent applications. We help inventors understand what is unique about their inventions, and then draft solid patent applications with high quality claims. We have a long string of successes negotiating claim scope with patent examiners. We are also experienced with appeals to the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, and would be happy to assist with Inter-partes Reviews or appeals of Examiner decisions. Our experience with the US Patent and Trademark Office extends over 17 years and numerous patent applications. We specialize in the electrical, software, and mechanical arts. Our rates are very reasonable, and we can offer significant savings to our customers. As an inventor himself, NEIP President Rich Baker understands the concerns and requirements of inventors.

We also have extensive experience handling appeals to the Patent Trial and Appeals Board, and the filing or defending of IPRs (Inter partes reviews) and CBMs (covered business methods) proceedings.

Off-shore patent prior art searches and patent drawings area available through our Off Shore Team.