New England Intellectual Property holds an impressive record for successfully negotiating favorable resolutions of intellectual property situations for our clients. We have extensive experience with patent sales, patent licensing, and with the settlement of patent litigations.  Our president, Rich Baker, is a Certified Licensing Professional (CLP) with decades of highly profitable experience.  In 2009, the 3Com Licensing Department won the 2009 Licensing Achievement Award from the Licensing Executives Society (LES) under Rich Baker's leadership.

 In 2009, New England Intellectual Property's Rich Baker secured the settlements of 5 defensive litigations for 3Com Corporation, including settlements where the payout was about 10% of the amount paid by 3Com's competitors.  

Representing patent holders, Mr. Baker has negotiated well over $150 Million in patent licenses and patent sales. He has designed and implemented a number of successful patent sales and licensing programs for various clients.  Mr. Baker is one of the few IP professionals with a successful track record at the Ocean Tomo live patent auctions, selling 3 lots out of 4 attempts for a combined sales of over $2 Million.  

We are happy to assist out clients to find favorable settlement solutions to their intellectual property situations.