Newbury College Athletics Transfer Information Portal

This website is designed to answer questions regarding the transferring process as a Newbury College student-athlete.

Questions regarding transferring can be directed to Jonathan Harper, Newbury College Director of Athletics at or 617-730-7091.

Steps to take when transfering

  1. Decide which school is right for you. Your new school should help you satisfy both your academic and athletic goals.
  2. Learn the transfer and eligibility rules for the NCAA and the new conference and school you plan to join. When you begin to think about going to a new school, understand that the rules are different depending on whether you want to transfer to an NCAA Division I, II or III school. In some cases, conference rules can be more restrictive than NCAA rules.
  3. Talk to the school you are interested in attending to ensure you understand their admission requirements. Before you call, you will probably need to get written permission from your current school to talk to the new school.
  4. Apply to be admitted to the school you want to attend.

When Can I Compete?

There are several aspects of your college experience that determine when you may compete after transferring. Depending on your college experience, you may be able to compete as soon as your transfer or you might have to be enrolled full-time for one academic year at your new school before competing. This time is called an academic year in residence and is designed to allow you to become comfortable in your new environment. You will need to work with the compliance office at your new institution to determine when you will be eligible to compete.


If you have general questions related to the NCAA, please review our most frequently-asked questions or contact our legislative team at 317-917-6008. Questions about your specific situation should be directed to your school’s athletics compliance office:

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