School Resource Officer

Officer Dan Miller, School Resource Officer

Vernon County Sheriff's Office / Nevada R-5 School District

Office - Nevada High School, Room 100A

800 W. Hickory, Nevada MO 64772

417-448-2020 Ext. 5010

Emergency cell 417-448-9806

Vernon County Sheriff's Office

Jason Mosher, Sheriff

2040 E. Hunter Street

Nevada, MO 64772

417-283-4400 Phone, 417-448-2580 Fax

417-283-4411 Jail - Control Center

417-667-6042 911 Dispatch Center

STAMP Out Bullying

S.T.A.M.P. OUT BULLYING is a program brought to Nevada by Barceda from Lamar, Missouri. S.T.A.M.P. is presented in the third grade and the sixth grade. The third grade class started in the 2004-2005 school term at Truman Elementary. The classes being presented to the Middle School sixth grade class are to better address the issue of bullying in our schools. Both classes include activities, tapes and discussions about "What Is Bullying" and "How Do Students Control the Problem It Causes." Things like rumors, gossip, taunting and teasing are discussed, as are the different ways students can react to control them. Lessons on open communication and assertiveness are also done with the students. Both the elementary and middle school programs are taught once a week for six weeks.

These are the points we try to impress and practice with the students:

S -- Stay Away from Bullies!

T -- Tell Someone!

A -- Avoid Bad Situations!

M -- Make Friends!

P -- Project Confidence!

Officer Friendly / Community Helper Program

These two programs are generally set up for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten classes, along with day care and Head Start type classes. A uniformed officer goes into the classroom and explains all of the equipment he uses and carries on his belt, what his or her job involves and gives the students a chance to ask questions and sit in a real police car. Sometimes the students are read a book about police person(s). Due to the age of this level of student, these talks are at 30 minutes long and usually include a color or activity page that goes along with the topic.


D.A.R.E. or Drug Abuse Resistance Education, has been taught in the Nevada School District since 1989. The program strives to give our students the tools they need to make good choices in order to avoid drugs and violence. The program is taught in the classroom for ten weeks by a uniformed, certified officer and culminates on week ten with a graduation to celebrate the decision each student has made to remain drug and violence free. The Vernon County Sheriff's Office has two D.A.R.E. Officers. Deputy Pat McCarty, who teaches at NEVC, Bronaugh, and Sheldon, and Deputy Dan Miller, who teaches the Nevada R-5 Schools.The Vernon County Sheriff's Office is proud to be a part of the school systems in our county and will continue to work hand in hand with them to assist our children in learning to be drug and violence free!

Safety City

Safety City is a summer school class at Bryan Elementary for pre-K students. The class is run throughout summer school and lasts for two weeks, each session with two classes each day. Safety City is set up in the gym at Bryan Elementary School and is an actual mini-city. There are stores, offices, banks, services, and other buildings set up with individual activities that relate to the particular building. The "city" has sidewalks, crosswalks, stop signs, pedestrian crossings and railroad crossings, as well as a real working mini-stop light. While the pedestrians may walk, there are streets throughout the city that students in pedal cars and tractors traverse, following the rules of the road such as stop signs, stop lights, pedestrian crossings, railroad crossings and other traffic regulations. The students participate in a large group classroom lesson and a smaller group lesson as well as a recess period and a snack time. Lessons taught are Body and Stranger Safety, Fire Safety, Animal Safety, Gun Safety, Water Safety, and others. Classroom visits from the police, fire, ambulance, conservation, and juvenile departments are also enjoyed by the students.

Sign-up for children to attend Safety City can be done at Bryan Elementary School during the spring summer school sign-up announced by the R-5 School District.