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The Messaging team at Netflix creates & delivers multi-channel messaging experiences across the customer lifecycle to drive acquisition, retention & member engagement. We also provide our platform as a service for company wide messaging needs.


Netflix is a global company and we are committed to building an employee base that matches the diversity of our customers. You can find more details on our Inclusion and Diversity Page on our jobs portal. 

Netflix also has a robust & global Employee Resource Group program. ERGs, are vital in creating a more inclusive environment for all employees, specifically folk who are from historically underrepresented and/or marginalized communities.


building high performing product development engineering teams

In this talk, George Abraham - Director of Engineering on the Messaging Team, speaks about building and empowering high performing product development teams by developing curiosity for the Business and Product and empathy for your Partners and Customers.

Notification Strategies For Payment Issues

Payment issues are a commonplace in a subscription model. Helping customers resolve their payment issues is an important area of innovation for subscription businesses. Max Mautner a senior software engineer on the Messaging Experiences team spoke at the 2022 SubSummit on notification strategies for payment issues.

Venue: SubSummit, June 2022, Orlando, Florida

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PM & EM Partnership

A strong Engineering Manager and Product Manager partnership is a key to building and shipping great products. In this talk Timi Kosztin and George Abraham talk about a few key drivers to build a trusting EM/PM partnership.

Venue: Product Festival, Feb 2022, Virtual

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Asian American and Pacific Islander HUb

Netflix’s Celebrate Asian American & Pacific Islander Stories collection includes series, films and specials starring AAPI talent, including “Kim’s Convenience,” “Always Be My Maybe,” the “To All the Boys” franchise, and “Never Have I Ever.” 

The in product experience uses an in app message to set context about the collection and invites customers to view the collection

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Kids Activity Report

A tool for parents to better understand and monitor what their kids are watching. Called the Kids Activity Report, the breakdown includes data on what type of programming kids are spending the most time watching, who their favorite character is, and recommendations for new shows based on their interests.

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MESA: Building a Personalized Messaging System at Netflix

In this talk, Grace Huang a Machine Learning Manager at Netflix takes the audience through a tour of the continuous explore and exploit system that we have iterated on, and showcases a few particularly complex and fascinating challenges with offline evaluation and experimentation.

Venue: Data Council 2020, Virtual

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Black Lives Matter Collection 

Netflix promoted the “Black Lives Matter” collection to U.S. subscribers, featuring over 45 titles about racial injustice and the experience of Black Americans.

The in product experience used an in app interstitial message to make a bold statement and invited members to view the collection.

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Video Content Marketing: The Making of Clips

Xuan (Alex) Liu a Data Scientist on the Netflix messaging team has published a paper along with researchers from Santa Clara University, Harvard Business School, and the University of Maryland on an optimization approach to produce short video clips from existing video material and to study the effectiveness of these clips at generating consumer response. The paper won the 2018 MSI/Root Award (webinar included) and the 2020 Donald R. Lehmann Award.

Incrementality-Focused Messaging Measurement @ Netflix

A talk by Chris Beaumont a Data Scientist at Netflix, about a simple but novel way to continuously measure the incremental impact of a message. 

Venue: SF Growth Engineering Meetup, May 2019

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Stranger Pings

How Netflix Does Messaging. A talk from Kamyar Mohager about the Netflix messaging personalization platform.

Venue: AppDevCon, March 2019 - Amsterdam

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In App Messaging Orchestration Service

Our journey in building an in-app messaging orchestration service featured on the Netflix Tech Blog.

Article By George Abraham, Devika Chawla, Chris Beaumont, and Daniel Huang.

Hello SMS

At Netflix we communicate with our customers on a variety of channels. This talk by Devika Chawla and George Abraham details how we integrated SMS and Voice capabilities into the messaging platform.

Venue: 2016 SIGNAL Conference - San Francisco

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Dude, Where are My Messages?

Netflix messages millions of customers a day across many channels – email, push notifications, text, voice calls, etc. This talk by Devika Chawla and George Abraham delves into how we use Elasticsearch for visibility into our platform.

Venue: Elastic{ON} 2016 - San Francisco

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On the Journey to Messaging Wins

LinkedIn post by Devika Chawla - Director of Engineering, on our move to AWS from the data center and the transition of the messaging systems to an event driven platform

Focus Areas FOR Messaging Engineering AT NETFLIX


The Messaging Platform Team is responsible for innovation and production of the platform required to support messaging at Netflix. The team builds and scales micro services to support the diverse messaging needs at Netflix from innovation on the product to the needs for the Netflix Studio. Innovation on the platform keeps the team nimble, data driven, scaleable, and stable. The team is constantly exploring additional communication channels. 


The Personalization Team is invested in the innovation and production of systems for algorithmic based messaging experiences. A decision framework that determines messaging dimensions such as frequency, message selection, channel, time of send, etc for every Netflix profile is the primary service the personalization team owns. The team creates and runs algorithm based experiments.

Customer Engagement

The team owns the creation and production of messaging experiences to drive member engagement. The main focus is running experiments to provide value to our customers through relevant engaging messages. Some areas we innovate on are:

Customer Growth

The team owns the creation and production of growth messaging experiences to drive acquisition. The main focus is running experiments to persuade customers to try Netflix. Some example experimentation areas are:


From password recovery to account notifications, the team owns the creation and production of a customer's account related messaging. 

We experiment on critical account related messaging areas such as:


Outbound Channel: Email

Messages across the customer lifecycle

Signup Drop Off




Outbound Channels: Push, SMS, Messaging Apps

Push Notifications



In-app Notification Center Messages

In-app Interstitial Messages

In-app Messaging Landing Experiences

Netflix has an unusual employee culture which puts people over process. We are always looking to improve our culture and welcome people to join us to help shape and evolve our culture. 

Contact Us

If you are interested in learning more about our team or to explore opportunities on our team please reach out to us.


Evan Layman - Engineering Manager, Lifecycle Messaging Experiences

George Abraham - Director of Engineering, Messaging Experiences Team

Tara Ellis - Engineering Manager, Growth Messaging Experiences Team


Aya Nakanishi - Product Manager, Consumer Messaging Ecosystem

Xiaohang Quan - Product Manager, Messaging Algorithms

Evan Bloom - Director of Product Innovation, Growth and Commerce Algorithms


Jacqueline Ramirez - Talent Acquisition

Trenton Fitzhugh - Talent Acquisition



Billions of messages a week

Multiple channels

Thoughtful orchestration

Algorithmically driven


Our platform is built on a microservice architecture model. Most services are written in Java and deployed on AWS across three regions. Messages are built using Groovy on an in-house development tool. 


Experimentation is deeply ingrained in our culture. In messaging we experiment on a number of dimensions.


How a message looks and feels. We experiment with images, CTAs, layouts, etc.


How often we send a message. Are we sending too many, too few, how far apart.


Highly personalized messaging for each profile based on personalization algorithms.


The time and day to send a message to be the most relevant for a user. 

Outbound Channels

Messaging experiences on outbound channels such as email, push notifications, and landing pages. 

In-App Channels

Messaging experience inside the Netflix app on various devices


Copy matters. We test copy on a variety of areas including body, subject line, preview text, and CTAs.


Messaging based on user behavior. For instance - reminders through email and in the app.