Who Are We?

We are the Marketing Tech team here at Netflix. We build engineering applications and products to help our partners in Netflix Marketing scale better by helping them spend their time and money more efficiently.

The Netflix marketing team is interested in getting people so excited about our content that they sign up and watch. As a part of this mission, we strive to engage with people all over the world through earned, owned, and paid media.

  • Earned media - creating organic news cycles through publicity events, talent, etc.
  • Owned media - publishing content through social media channels for fans
  • Paid media - advertising through online (FB, YT), and offline channels (TV, OOH)

We work on all stages of the marketing lifecycle, from creative asset development and fulfillment, setting up paid campaigns on various marketing platforms, experimentation to determine optimal tactics, workflows to help with managing social media and publicity management.

We believe in continuous innovation and are a team of top-notch engineers, designers, product managers who want to shape the future of the marketing industry. We are the primary technology and engineering arm for Netflix Marketing and work with various cross-functional teams like the analytics teams, product and algorithms teams, financial planning teams, etc. to improve overall innovation velocity and execution efficiency.

We are hiring in SF Bay Area (Los Gatos) and in Los Angeles (Hollywood). We are looking for engineers (backend/front-end/full stack), designers (IC and leader roles), Product Manager, and engineering leadership roles.

What We Do?

PUBLIC - MarTech @ Netflix - Intro & Overview

See a short 10 min video that walks you through an overview of our technology to help Netflix Marketing.

PUBLIC: Marketing Tech Introduction & Overview

Short on time? you can see the slides above.

PUBLIC - AdTech Engineering Meetup 11-01-2017 - Camera View.mp4

Engineering Meetup - Nov '17

This is a one hour video recording of a meet up where we had our engineers present details of our work along with some of our key internal marketing stakeholders. Caveat: a lot has changed in the time since but the core takeaways are still valid. Here are the slides used in this presentation:

People We Are Looking For


Senior Software Engineer - Ads Engineering (Los Gatos)

Senior UI Engineer - Ads Engineering (Los Gatos)

Senior UI Engineer - Creative Marketing Engineering (Los Gatos)

Senior Full Stack Engineer - Publicity Engineering (Los Angeles)

Senior Software Engineer - Publicity Engineering (Los Angeles)

Senior UI Engineer - Publicity Engineering (Los Angeles)

Additionally, we looking for talented backend, frontend, and full-stack engineers to join our Los Gatos / Los Angeles offices.