BLAISE Online Competencies Curriculum

Students must learn a number of foundational skills in order to be successful in their academic and professional careers. These are not defined by major or discipline, but without them, new students and recent graduates may be unprepared for future work. The Online Competencies Curriculum meets this specific need. As part of our ongoing BLAISE partnership, and funded by a generous grant from the Teagle Foundation, faculty and administrators from four colleges (Augustana, Illinois Wesleyan, St. Norbert, and Elmhurst) have collaborated to create learning modules covering three emerging and evolving competencies:

  • Communication and Presentation
  • Information Fluency
  • Technological Adaptability

On this site you will find information about the modules and instructions on their use. These instructions currently are tailored to the use of the modules on Blackboard, though parts will pertain to the program as a whole.

This site will continue to evolve to reflect additions to the program and modifications to the instructions; it will always be the place to find the latest information for the OCC program.

Note: BLAISE is an acronym for Beloit, Lawrence, Augustana, Illinois Wesleyan, St. Norbert, and Elmhurst.