Middle Grades

The NEST+m Library

About the Library

The NEST+m Library is open weekly for Middle Grades students typically during Period 6, as well as before school and after school (except Wednesdays). Please note that Middle Grades students will need to sign-up during recess and receive a pass to use the Library during Period 6.

Middle Grades students may borrow up to two books for up to two weeks at a time, but will need their Student ID to do so. Late materials will incur a penalty of $.05 a day until they are returned. Students will be held responsible for any materials that are lost or badly damaged.

Students seeking extra academic help can receive peer tutoring on Tuesdays after school, pending any scheduling changes.


To browse the Library Catalog, please click here!


The Library Makerspace is accessible to all students. Currently, students may print one design per month with Mr. Whitford's approval. Additionally, LittleBits and Arduino kits can be checked out for in-library use.

Library Squad

Want to help out? Make sure to fill out an application in the library and pass this test to become a member of Library Squad!

Research Databases and Resources

Online Resources

Questions? Contact Mr. Whitford for help! for help!