Lower Grades

The NEST+m Library

About the Library

The Library is open for students in Grades 3, 4, and 5 during recess — just don't forget to get a pass from your teacher first!

Lower Grades students may borrow up to two books for up to two weeks at a time — just don't forget your School ID card!

For students in Grades 2 and above, there will be a fine of $.05 for every day that a book is late. If you lose or badly damage your book, you may be asked to replace it — so find a safe spot where you'll always know where your books are!


Need a book? Click here to visit the library's online catalog!

Kindergarten and First Grade

Beginning Research!

These are great places for our younger researchers to start:

Books Online!

These are great for finding the right book when we aren't in the library:

Second Grade and Up

Databases for Research!

Once we get going, we can use these to help us find out information that we need:

News Online!

Need to find the latest news? Try using one of these:

Online Helpers!

Sometimes, we need a helping hand online. These resources can really help us out:

  • Word Central — for when you need some help with your vocabulary!
  • Fact Monster — for when you need to know some facts!
  • Kids.gov — for when you want some help understanding how the government works!

Here are some Historical Helpers:

And some Search Helpers, too:

Questions? Contact Mr. Whitford for help!