What is TA?

TA is an abbreviation of turnaround, meaning a scheduled maintenance at a refinery.

Why turnaround is needed?

Major turnaround is a remarkable investment securing safety, availability and competitiveness of the Neste refinery in Porvoo for the next operating cycle. While the refinery is being shut down, regulatory inspections, maintenance works and investments that cannot be done during normal operations are executed.

What is done in the turnaround?

In major turnaround, regulatory inspections, maintenance works and selected asset improvement initiatives are executed at the Neste refinery in Porvoo during several weeks in spring 2021.

How much workforce is needed for TA2021?

Around 6,000 people will participate to the turnaround works. Out of these, around 1,000 are Neste employees. Specialists of different fields, for example catalyst professionals, come across Europe.

Why was the turnaround 2020 postponed?

Due to the aggressive global spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and the extensive precautionary measures by the Finnish Government and authorities, the major turnaround originally planned for spring 2020 needed to be postponed and only the most critical works were done in April-May 2020.

What kind of preventive measures Neste is planning for coronavirus in TA2021?

The health and safety of each worker is our priority and we are committed to arrange a safe working environment at the TA2021. We are taking a wide range of actions to make sure everyone returns home in good health after a day's work and is able to return to the turnaround site again the next day in good condition. For ensuring a safe working environment, it is essential that a safe distance of minimum two (2) meters to others can be kept, everyone is obliged to wear a face mask and there are good possibilities to take care of efficient hand hygiene. The areas that have a high risk of infection will be identified, marked and extra measures will be specified.

We have nominated a separate workgroup for TA2021 to plan and implement the preventive measures against the coronavirus. To support the workgroup, we are actively collecting information from similar types of best practices and we are following closely the official instructions of the State of Finland and entry limitations. We will update our guidance if needed.