Lakeview Elementary Bulldog Bunch


Lakeview Elementary will be holding its first information session "Title IA - I have heard of it but what is it?" on January 16, 2019 from 6:00-7:00 pm at Lakeview Elementary School.

Joanne Ogurchak, Lakeview Title Coordinator will talk about the largest federal education grant and how it works here at Lakeview. This talk is not just for those families whose children participate in Title (Bulldog Bunch). This is for anyone who would like to learn more about Title programs at Lakeview. This session is the first in a series of informational sessions for families. To register, please go to Lakeview Family & School Partners Website for more information on the informational series and to register for each session. A flyer regarding this and the other informational sessions will be coming home with the students shortly. Hope to see you there.

Lakeview Elementary Bulldog Bunch is Lakeview Local Schools Title I-A Kindergarten through 3rd grade reading program. The sole purpose of Bulldog Bunch is to help students become successful.

We Believe:

    • in honoring students where they are in their learning
    • creating a safe and caring learning enviornment
    • in early intervention

Lakeview Local Schools is committed to the goal of providing quality education for every child. In order to achieve this goal, we know that establishing partnerships with family and community members is key. Everyone succeeds if Lakeview Schools, families, and the community work together to increase student achievement for all children.

Support for children and the school is critical to a child's success. Lakeview staff has a committment to working with family members in all school aspects to help students. One important goal for Bulldog Bunch is to establish and maintain a school-home partnership. We thank all our parents for their help and assistance in working together.