• Staffed with 2 licensed EMTs (Emergency Medical Technician)
  • Equipped with on board and portable oxygen system.
  • Equipped with latest stretchers and equipment to meet the challenges of modern world EMS.
  • Has ability to transport Bariatric patients utilizing special attachments on the stretchers. (Patients weighing over 300 lbs)
  • Meet and exceed all of official Department of Health and Senior Services guidelines.
  • Each van is equipped with lifts capable of lifting up to 800 lbs.
  • Each van is equip with 4 Pt wheelchair restraint system forward facing.
  • Each van is staffed with 1 Mobility Assistance Vehicle Technicians, each technician is trained in handling and securing wheelchair as well as CPR.
  • Provide door to door services.
  • Meet and exceed all of the official Department of Health and Senior Services guidelines.

  • Our medical cars transport physically and mentally challenged patients, but who are able to ambulate with minimal assistance or who require supervision to and from their appointments.
  • Helps with people with difficulties getting in to high vehicles
  • Comfortable modern sedans or mini vans to suit your needs

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