Mrs. Whitford's Class

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  • Negaunee Middle School
  • 102 W. Case Street
  • Negaunee, MI 49866


telephone (906) 475-7866

Mrs. Whitford's 6th Grade Class (Facebook Group)


June 6-

Math-Board games

Reading-Pictionary Tournament

LA-Yatzee Tournament

Social Studies/Science-Kickball Tournament

June 5-

Math-Study Island

Reading-Scope-good vs well/ Drones

LA-Slide presentations

Social Studies/Science-Scavenger hunt for vocabulary words

June 4-

Math-post test


LA-Share Biome Books

Social Studies/Science-Baseball tournament

June 3-


Reading-Scope My Sport Helped Me..

LA-Slide presentations

Social Studies-Baselball game

Science-Baseball game

May 31-



LA-Biome books*due Monday

Social Studies-Botvins

Science-Fun Friday

May 30-

Math-Test ch 9

Reading-"Fly Girl" play

LA-Biome Books

Social Studies-Economics

Science-Blender Bike

May 29-

Math-review *ch 9 test Thursday

Reading-"Should He Get Paid?"-read, discuss and debate college athletes getting paid

LA-Biome Books*due Monday

Social Studies- Economics

Science- Vocab, read and discuss 4.2

May 28-

Math-9.6 *test Wednesday


LA-Biome Books

Social Studies-presentations/economics

Science-Read and discuss 4.1

May 24-

Math-Study Island

Reading-Library SRI

LA-Biome Books

Social Studies-Botvins

Science-come books

May 23-

Math-9.5*practice sheet assigned


LA-NWEA/Biome books

Social Studies-Country presentations

Science-Test ch 3

May 22-

math-quiz 9.2-9.3, begin lesson 9.5

Reading-NWEA math


Social Studies-Forms of government

Science-Review *test ch 3 Thursday

May 21-

Math-9.3*practice sheet assigned as homework


LA-Biome books

Social Studies- Forms of gevernment

Science-Vocabulary quiz, go over review sheet*test Ch 3 on Thursday

May 20-

Math-9.2 *practice sheet homework



Social Studies-Gov't

Science-review ch3

May 17-

Math-Study Island +- decimals


LA-Biome books

Social Studies-Botvins

Science-Fun Friday

May 16-

Math-Ch 8 test

Reading-Stalking the Bat Killer

LA-Biome books

Social Studies-Levels of government

Science-Biome fast facts *due Friday

May 15-

Math-review **Ch 8 test Thursday


LA-Biome books

Social Studies-Separation of Powers

Science-3.3 define vocab, read section and discuss questions 1-5

May 14-

Math-placement exam


LA-Reproductive health

Social studies-Fire Safety


May 13-

Math-Multiplying mixed numbers

Reading-Space Hotel debate *response due Tuesday

LA-Reproductive health

Social Studies-Preamble

Science-Read 3.2 and answer questions 1-5

May 10-

Math-quiz on ch 8. Study Island multiplying fractions



Social Studies-Botvins

Science- Posters/ read and vocab 3.3

May 9-


Reading "Escape to Freedom"

LA-Slide #19

Social Studies-construct uv bracelet

Science-Sun Safety presentations -Just Believe

May 8-


Reading- "The Choice" play

LA-Who vs Whom

Social Studies-Preamble poster

Science-3.2 vocab, read and discuss

May 7-

Math-8.1*practice sheet



Social Studies-Preamble

Science-Bill Nye Ecosystems *review ch 1 questions

May 6-

Math-8.1 *homework sheet

Reading-Quiz on Drowning in Plastic. Read The Most Electric Place on Earth

LA-Work on slides or plastic project

Social Studies-

Science-Read 3.1, define vocab and answer questions 1-5

May 3-

Math-Study Island fractions



Social Studies-Botvins

Science-Fun Friday

May 2-

Math-test Ch 7

Reading-Chorus/ SSR


Social Studies-Why Government?

Science- Test Ch 2*study guide due

May 1-

Math-review for ch 7 test on Thursday

Reading-Drowning in Plastic *vocab due Thursday

LA-Drowning in Plastic-what can we do (plan of action)

Social Studies- Straws video, Ocean of Plastic video and discussion

Science-MSTEP **Ch 2 Ecology test Thursday

April 30-

Homeroom-Study Island due

Math/Reading/ LA-MSTEP

Social Studies-distribution of resources

Science-Kahoot review*Test Thursday CH 2 Ecology *Review sheet due Thursday

April 29-

Math-Review Study Island



Social Studies-Life Cycle of a Bottle

Science-Vocab review and quiz

April 26-

Math-7.6 *Homework sheet



Social Studies-Botvins

Science-Read and define vocab for 2.3

April 25-

Math-7.6-book work in class

Reading-Demonstration speeches

LA-Slide 11

Social Studies- South America

Science- Cycle diagrams *Due Friday

April 24-

Math-7.5 *practice sheet assigned as homework

Reading-Gratitude poem, finish speech/reports

LA-Demo speeches

Social Studies-Using natural resources

Science-Cycles *Due Friday

April 23-

Math-quiz, lesson 7.4 *1-8 homework on reteaching sheet


LA-Demonstration speeches/assign days to present

Social Studies-Slides

Science-Cycles diagrams *Due Thursday

April 22-

Math-7.3 book work

Reading-Gratitude poems

LA-Demonstration speeches

April 19- No School

April 18-

Homeroom-Study Island Spelling due

Math-7.3 practice *5-9 and 14 is extra credit

Reading-Gratitude poems

LA-Slides (1-10, 16 & 18 due)

Social Studies-Botvins

Science-Fun "Friday"

April 17-

Homeroom-Study Island Spelling*due Thursday

Math-7.3 intro and practice

Reading-Share articles from the The Girl Who Shaved her Head and read and discuss E-Cigarettes article

LA- Demonstration speeches

Social Studies-Slides 14&17

Science-Cycles diagrams/library

April 16-

Math-7.2 book work and *Reteaching sheet as homework


LA-Demonstration speech

Social Studies- Natural Resources

Science-BrainPop water/nitrogen cycles quiz and games

April 15-

Homeroom-Pronoun practice pg 125 6-11


Reading-The Girl Who Shaved Her Head-summarize and write article

LA-Pronoun practice

Social Studies-Natural Resources*homework sheet

Science-Read 2.2, define vocab and discuss questions

April 12-Snow Day

April 11-

Math-7.1 practice sheet *homework

Reading-Object and subject pronouns

Read Hunting a Monster/ Monster of the Deep

LA-Demonstartaion speech

Social Studies-Natural Resources

Science-Go over test/ Vocab and read 2.1

April 10-

Math-go over test, 7.1

Reading-The Man Who Broke the World quiz


Social Studies-H/E Interaction

Science-Test on Ch.1 Ecology

April 9-

Math-test on ch 6


LA-Demonstration speeches

Social Studies-H/E Interactions

Science-Review *test on Ch 1 Wednesday

April 8-

Math-6.4 *test on ch 6 Tuesday*

Reading-Vocab *due Tuesday/Read The Man Who Broke the World


Social Studies-H/E Interaction

Science-Read 1.3 *questions 1, 2, 4 & 5 due Tuesday *test on Ch.1 Wednesday

April 5-




Social Studies-Botvins

Science-Migration/Finish Lab

April 4-

Math-6.3 practice sheet and extra credit

Reading-The Pigeon Hero quiz


Social Studies-Migration

Science-Catch and Release lab

April 3-


Reading-The Pigeon Hero

LA-Demonstration speeches

Social Studies-Migration

Science- Vocab review/Quiz

April 2-

Math- 6.3


LA-Demonstration speeches

Social Studies-Migration

Science-Living Earth and Populations *due Wednesday

April 1-

Math-quiz on 6.1 and 6.2

Reading-How Are Emojis Made? vocab sheet and design and emoji

LA-Study Island-Pronouns, adverbs and adjectives

Social Studies-Migration

Science-1.2 vocab and read section

March 22-




Social Studies-Slides/Animal habitats

Science- Pictionary Tourney vs Mrs. Belanger's Class

March 21-

Math-6.2 Practice sheet *homework if not finished in class

Reading-Spring has sprung pictures

LA-Slide 9

Social Studies-Test

Science-Foldable*due Friday/ Quizlet

March 20-


Reading-How This Inspired That

LA-Spring has Sprung

Social Studies-Review *test Thursday

Science-1.1 Vocab and read section

March 19-

Math-Go over ch 5 test. Begin 6.1


LA-Slides for Social Studies

Social Studies-Test*Study Guide


March 18-

Math-Ch 5 test

Reading-Compare and Contrast Max and Marie

LA-This or That

Social Studies-Canada Today**Geo test Tuesday

Science-Ch 6 test

March 15-

Math-review for test/study guide **test on ch 5 Monday


LA-Science test ch 6

Social Studies-Botvins

Science-Fun Friday

March 14-

Math-review for ch5 test *test Monday


LA-Slide #6 for social studies

Social Studies-Canadian map

Science-Review for ch 6 test *test Friday

March 13-Ice day

March 12-




Social Studies-Canada map

Science-Review *test Thursday

March 11-

Math-5.6 *1-18 assigned on practice sheet

Reading-My Life as a Military Kid-compare and contrast Max and Marie


Social Studies-Geography of Canada

Science-Vocab quiz on 6.1-6.2/experiment

March 8-

Math-Study Island/Freckle


LA-Slide 5 for social studies

Social Studies-Botvins

Science-Mrs. Helppi with health lesson

March 7-

Math-quiz on 5.5

Reading-Scheduling meeting with Mrs. Turner**Schedules due Monday (3-11)

LA-Slide 4

Social Studies-Slide 4

Science-Read 6.2 discuss questions 1-5

March 6-

Math-5.5 book work *8-21 homework if not finished

Reading-The Perfects read and discuss

LA-Work on debate response *due at the end of hour

Social Studies-Population Pyramid

Science-Popcorn lab

March 5-

Math-5.5 reteaching sheet*homework if not finished in class


LA-Debate about school week

Social Studies-Population Pyramid

Science-vocab 6.2 *homework if not finished. Study Island *homework if not finished. Conversions *extra credit

March 4-

Math-5.5 intro

Reading-Tone quiz and finding text evidence (The Fish That's Eating the World)

LA-Share wordless stories with Mrs. Belanger's class

Social Studies-Population Pyramids


March 1-

Math-Freckle Friday


LA- Country Slides

Social Studies-Botvins

Science-Fun Friday

February 28-

Math-5.4 *practice sheet assigned as homework

reading-wordless book presentations

LA-South/Central America slides

Social Studies-Age of Population

Science-Read 6.1*assign questions 1-5

February 27-

Math-quiz on 5.3

Reading-The Fish That's Eating the World*vocab assignment

LA-Wordless book presentations

Social Studies-Central/South America

Science-Built-in thermometer lab

February 26-

Math-5.3 11-22 assigned and homework if not finished in class


LA-Wordless books *due Wed

Social Studies-Family size

Science-intro to ch 6

February 21-

Math- 5.3 practice sheet*homework if not finished in class

Reading-Quiz The Girl Who Dared

LA-Wordless books

Social Studies-Botvins

Science-Black History video

February 20-


Reading-The Girl Who Dared discussion questions

LA-Wordless books

Social Studies-Demographic model

Science-Test Ch 5

February 19-

Math-5.2 quiz


LA-Wordless books

Social Studies-Population growth

Science-review for ch 5 test Wednesday

February 18-

Math-5.2 *homework 3-8

Reading-The Girl Who Dared

LA-Presentations/intro to wordless books

Social Studies-population growth

Science-Notecard for test on Ch. 5*WED

February 15-




Social Studies-Botvins

Science-Fun Friday

February 14-

Math-5.2 intro

Reading/LA-Black history reports *due Friday

Social Studies/ Science-Valentine celebration

February 13-Snow Day

February 12-

Math-quiz 5.1


LA-Black History reports

Social Studies- natural INcrease

Science- Jeopardy

February 11-


Reading-The Children's Blizzard-Read, think, explain

LA-Black History Month reports

Social Studies-Population density

Science-Energy review

February 8-Snow day

February 7-


Reading-The Children's Blizzard ***bell work journal due Friday

LA-Poster presentations

Social Studies-Population density

Science-Crossword and word search*homework if not finished

February 6-


Reading-Scope grammar article and activity

LA-Finish Netherlands posters present Thursday

Social Studies- population density

Science-Vocab 5.3 and read section

February 5-Ice Day

February 4- Ice Day

February 1-



LA-NWEA math

Social Studies-test


January 30,31-No School

January 29-




Social Studies-test

Science-Energy lab

January 28-

Math-5.0 intro



Social Studies-Review: Test Tuesday and Wednesday

Science-What is Energy? Partner up and *homework if not finished

January 25-

Math-5.o vocab on quizlet



Social Studies-Review *Test on Tues

Science-Potential energy BrainPop and quiz

January 24-

Math-Freckle or Prodigy

Reading/LA-work on Netherlands posters

Social Studies-US Today

Science-Read 5.2 and vocab in notebook

January 23-

Math-4.4 test



Social studies- US Today

Science- Read ch 5 and answer questions 1-4 *homework if not finished

January 22-

Math-quiz on 4.4


LA-Netherlands research

Social Studies-US Today

Science-Ch. 5 Energy

January 21


Reading-Winter Olympics

LA-Study Island pretest

Social studies-US History

Science- book check and pass out new books

January 17

Project Healthy Schools lessons

January 16


Reading-SRI test

LA-global issues persuasive essay*due Thursday

Social studies-US History

Science-plate tectonics

January 15

Math-quiz on 4.4


LA-global issues persuasive essay

Social studies-US Geo

Science-plate tectonics

January 14

Math-4.4*homework sheet if not finished in class

Reading-persuasive essays *due Thursday

LA-Spelling Bee

Social studies-US geography

Science-plate tectonics

January 11

Math-4.4 review/freckle


LA-Global Issue persuasive essay

Social studies-physical geography

Science-Fun Friday

January 10


Reading- How Stars Beat Stress

LA-Global Issue persuasive essay

Social Studies- Geo Bee

Science-Billy Nye Fossil video and questions

January 9

Math-quiz on 4.2

Reading-Than vs Then

LA-Global Issue persuasive essay

Social studies- geo bee

Science-fossil lab

January 8

Math-4.2 practice sheet *homework if not finished in class


Language Arts-Personal narratives due by the end of hour

Social studies-Geo bee practice

Science-Fossil video/mold and cast fossils*homework if not finished

January 7-Snow Day

January 4



LA-Personal narrative*due at the end of hour on Monday

Social Studies-Mrs. Helppi presentation

Science-Fossils*questions are homework if not finished in class

January 3


Reading-Pool of Snow Monkeys

LA-Personal narrative

Social Studies-US Maps

Science-Fossils-Detectives at work sheet

January 2

Math-lesson 4.1

Reading-The Gift play

LA-Personal narrative

Social studies-US map

Science-fossils*questions for homework if not finished in class

December 21

Math-Holiday math


LA-Party and word search

Social studies and Science-Elf

December 20

Math-ch 3 test

Reading-share ugly sweater and nursery rhyme letters

LA- hot chocolate and Shrek the Halls

Social studies-Natural disaster game

Science-magnetism Kahoot

December 19

Math-review ch 3**test Thursday

Reading- Scope Beauty and Disaster

LA-Ugly sweaters due/snowball writing or extra credit

Social Studies-Nat disaster presentations

Science-magnet lab

December 18



LA-Ugly sweaters

Social Studies-Nat disaster presentations

Science-Brainpop magnetic activity

December 17

math-3.6 homework if not finished in class

Reading-Penny Debate article, quiz and discussion

LA-Ugly sweaters*due Wednesday

Social Studies- natural disaster poster


December 14



LA-Ugly sweater

Social Studies-Nat disaster poster

Science-Fun Friday

December 13


Reading-Nothing Can Hold Me Back article and close reading questions

LA-Ugly Sweaters

Social studies-Nat disasters poster

Science-Test on Rock Cycle

December 12

Math-quiz on ch 3

Reading-Lit circles last day

LA-snowball writing

Social studies-nat disasters

Science-kahoot review for test

December 11


Reading-Chorus/reading buddies

LA-Letters to Santa (due Wed)*extra credit option -reply from Santa to character

Social Studies-Natural disaster game

Science-Rock cycle diagram and lab

December 10

Math-3.4 practice sheet if not finished in class

Reading-Lit circles*book finished by Thursday

LA-Letters to Santa *due Wed

Social studies-Natural hazards

Science-Roc cycle

December 7



LA-Hour of coding

Social studies-Botvins

Science-Fun Friday

December 6



LA-letters to Santa

Social studies-nat hazards

Science-Rock Cycle books due/rock exploration

December 5

Math-Quiz 3.2

Reading Lit circles

LA-Letter to Santa

Social studies-natural hazards

Science-Rock Cycle book

December 4

Math-lesson 3.2 (problems 4-6 homework if not finished in class)


LA-Nursery Rhyme letters to Santa

Social Studies-Natural Hazards

Science-Rocky Cycle Book

December 3- Snow Day

November 29

Math-lesson 3.1 and practice sheet *homework if not finished in class

Reading-Lit circles (assigned reading, not "jobs")

LA-13 and a half/partner up for discussion questions*homework if not finished in class

Social Studies-Natural Features fact sheet

Science-go over test/notes and vocab on 4.1

November 28


Reading-Lit Circles

LA-Cafeteria debate

Social Studies-Natural Features

Science-Test on ch3

November 27

Math-test ch 2

Reading-chorus/reading buddies

ELA-The Boy Who FoundHis Smile/quiz

Social Studies-Natural Features*assignment

Science-Review for Ch 3 test on Wednesday

November 26

Math-quiz on ch 2, practice sheet as homework and test Tuesday

Reading-Lit circles

ELA-Sherlock plays and Genre exploration as homework

Social Studies- test

Science-review ch 3 test Wednesday

November 21


Reading-Lit Circles

LA-perform Sherlock plays

Social Studies-review *test Monday*

Science- Kahoot vocabulary quiz

November 20

Math-2.6 practice


LA-Sherlock Holmes play

Social Studies-regions

Science-discuss questions 1-4, review sheet

November 19

Math-lesson 2.5

Reading-Lit circles

LA-Your vs You're

Social Studies-Earth's regions

Science- notes on 3.3, read ch 3.3 and answer questions 1-4 as homework

November 16

Math-Freckle Friday


LA-Turkey writing/illustrations to match

Social studies-presentation on stress management

Science-Video with Mrs. Belanger's class

November 15


Reading-Lit Circles

LA-Turkey writing

Social studies-regions

Science-Finish agents of erosion lab

November 14

Math-2.4 homework if not finished in class 1-10

Reading-Literature circles

LA-Elks Essays due/Turkey writing

Social Studies-Projections

Science-erosion lab

November 13

Math-2.4 reinforcement sheet homework if not finished in class


LA-Elks Essays

Social Studies-Projections

Science-Glacier id sheet/quiz section 2

November 12


Reading-Veteran's Day Assembly


Social Studies-Maps

Science-Read/notes section 3.2

November 9




Social Studies-


November 8

Math-review sheet lesson 2.3 (homework or can be finished in lieu of Freckle tomorrow)

Reading-Literature circles, discuss summarizer, questioner/comprehension monitor)

LA-Elks Essays

Social Studies-Latitude and climate

Science-Review, Quiz 3.1 and notes on 3.2

November 7

Math-finished evens on sheet 2.3

Reading-Literature Circles (visualizer and connector)

LA-Elks Essay

Social studies-Latitude and longitude

Science-3.1 review sheet

November 6

Math-lesson 2.3***assign worksheet 2.3-odds1-9

Reading-Chorus/reading buddies

LA-Elks Essay (info in our Google Classroom)

Social Studies- Latitude and longitude

Science-Notes on 3.1, discuss homework questions and videos (rockslides, rock falls and mudflows)

November 5

Math-lesson 2.3***assignment questions 9-16 on pg 37

Reading-Literature Circles (Character Captain)

LA-Elks Essay "What Makes You Proud of America"

Social Studies-Maps

Science-Read 3.1, notes and answer questions 1-4

November 2



LA-finish constructed responses***homework if not finished

Social Studies-map powerpoint

Science- finish labs/Fun Friday

November 1

Math-Write the Room expressions

Reading-Finish Scary Stories

LA-Mrs. Turner guidance lesson

Social Studies-Map powerpoint

Science-Skittles lab

October 31

Math-Pumpkin decimals

Reading-Read scary stories

LA-Read scary stories

Social Studies-Moslty Ghostly

Science-Mostly Ghostly with Halloween treats

October 30

Math-lesson 2.2 questions in book*assign practice sheet

Reading-Chorus/scary story/SSR

LA-Scary Stories/Cover art***Due at the end of the hour

Social Studies-Global Posters

Science-Go over test on Ch2, finish up gummy bear lab

October 29

Math-lesson 2.2 vocab and skills sheet

Reading-Searching for Wakanda

LA-Scary Stories/design cover page

Social Studies-Poster presentations

Science-Gummy bear lab

October 26



LA-Scary Stories

Social Studies-Global Issues Poster

Science-Ch 2 test

October 25


Reading-DeVos Field Trip

LA-DeVos Field Trip

Social Studies-Global Posters

Science-Review ***Test on Ch2 Friday

October 24

Math-lesson 2.1

Reading-Frankenstein play

LA-Scary stories

Social Studies-Global Posters

Science-Review for Ch2 test on Friday

October 23

Math-lesson 2.1

Reading-Chorus (work on scary stories, read to self)

LA-Scary Stories (due 10-30)

Social Studies-Global posters

Science-discuss lab, quiz on 2,1 and 2,2, quizlet for vocab practice

October 22

Math-2.1 practice sheet and review problems

Reading-Frankenstein play

LA-Scary stories (due 10-30) info in Language Arts Google Classroom if they want to work on it at home

Social Studies-Global issues research

Science-weathering chalk lab *quiz on section 2 Tuesday (can use their notebook)

October 19

Math-Clip and Cover math game


LA-PSA presentations

Social Studies-Global Issues groups

Science-Discuss questions 1-4

October 18



LA-persuasive essays

Social studies-global issues

Science-read ch2,3 *assign questions 1-4

October 17



LA-Persuasive essays

Social studies-global issues

Science-weathering sheet/quizlet for voca

October 16

Math-went over test, began lesson 2.1

Reading-chorus/SSR/persuasive essay or PSA

LA-Persuasive essays ***due on Thursday by the end of the day

Social studies-Global issues

Science-discussion questions 1-4, soil horizon mini lab

October 15

Math-review and test on ch. 1


LA-persuasive essays (due Thursday)

Social Studies-test

Science-Notes on Ch.2,2 Read pages 42-48 and answer questions 1-4 for homework

October 12

Math-Freckle Friday ***we will review and have our ch1 test on Monday


LA-Persuasive essay

Social Studies-review ***test on Monday

Science-Exploring outside looking for signs of mechanical and chemical weathering

October 11

Math-lesson 1.7 (ch1 test on Monday)

Reading -Should Your Parents Control Your Phone?-begin PSA

LA-Persuasive essays

Social Studies-review for test on Monday

Science-Notes and Vocab for Ch2,1

October 10

Math-go over quiz, work on lesson 1.7 together

Reading-Are Phones Making us Zombies?

LA-Persuasive essay

Social Studies-Earth Video

Science-Went over ch1 test and questions 1-4

October 9

Math-1.6 review and quiz


LA-Intro persuasive essay

Social studies-social scientists

Science-Read ch.2,1 answered questions 1-4

October 8

Math-lesson 1.6***practice page for homework

Reading-Jellyfish invasion (its vs it's)

LA-Coat of Arms research

Social Studies- Quizlet

Science-Ch. 1 test

October 5



LA-The Race Against Death Quiz/Study Island/Name poems due

Social Studies-5 themes if geography

Science-Study Guide****Green note card for test MONDAY

October 4

Math-Finished NWEA/Freckle

Reading-The Race Against Death*Questions for homework

LA-Name Poems submitted and decorated

Social Studies-5 themes of geography *Homework sheet

Science-Kahoot Ch.1 review (test Monday)

October 3

Math-Lesson 1.5 practice and *homework sheet

Reading-The Race Against Death *Exploring text features homework if not finished in class

LA-Submit Fire Essays*Due by 10-4, Name poem *Rough draft in notebook due by 10-4

Social Studies-5 themes of geography

Science-Energy presentation

October 2

Math-Lesson 1.5


LA-Submit Fire Essay and Name Poem

Social Studies-5 Themes of Geography

Science-Energy pre-test and quiz on ch.1

October 1

Math-review lesson 1.3&1.4 Quiz on 1.3&1.4

Reading- The Mission **assign close-reaading questions

Language Arts-Finalize and submit fire essays

Social studies-review/work on homework

Science-1.3 notes and vocabulary. Maps and contour lines video. Went over homework together.

September 28


Reading-A Snake-headed Monster play & There vs Their sheet *homework if not finished

Language Arts-Fire Prevention Essay: type and submit when finished

Social Studies- Earth video

Science- Fun Friday

September 27


Reading-Exploring mood skills sheet & practice play

Language Arts-Fire Prevention Essay

Social Studies- Maps

Science- Map Video, Read and discuss section 3 & reinforcement sheet 3

September 26

Math-1.4 practice ***homework practice sheet 1.4 decimal place value

Reading-Hunting a Snake-Headed Monster & Vocab discussion

LA-Fire prevention essays

Social Studies- map study

Science-1.2 and reinforcement sheet ***homework if not finished in class

September 25

Math-lesson 1.4

Reading-Chorus/Read to self

Language Arts-Fire Prevention Essays

Social Studies/Science-NWEA math assessment

September 24

Math-lesson 1.4***Practice sheet was homework

Reading/Language Arts-NWEA reading assessment

Social Studies-map study

Science-finished NWEA

September 21

Math-Freckle Friday


Language Arts-Fire Prevention essays

Social Studies- Map study

Science-Read and discuss Section 2, latitude and longitude video

September 20

Math-review 1.3 and quiz on 1.3

Reading-Synthesis sheet for Pizza/Sushi

Language Arts- Fire Safety Essay (History of Fire Prevention Week)

Social Studies- Map study ***bring in a map by Monday

Science-Finished mountain lab***homework if not finished in class

notes on section 2

September 19

Math-review lesson 1.3 in class activity***assign place value practice sheet

Reading-How Pizza Conquered America Exploring text structure***homework if not finished in class

Language Arts- Fire Safety Essay Intro

Social Studies-Geo inquiry-***homework if not finished in class

Science-Building mountains lab

September 18

Math-reviewed section 1.3

Reading-Chorus/Reading Counts

Language Arts-Mrs. Turner's guidance lesson

Social Studies-Geo inquiry

Science-Complete and discuss mystery box lab

September 17

Math-review multiplication chart and lesson 1.3*homework if not finished in class

Reading- How Pizza Conquered America Vocabulary intro and read articles

Language Arts-Fire Essay

Social Studies- Constitution Day *Bring map for Thursday

Science- Section 1 Review sheet *Homework if not finished in class

September 14

Math-quiz on sections 1.1-1.2

Reading-Island of Sorrow Quiz

Language Arts-Intro and research for Fire Prevention Essay

Social Studies & Science-we went on an observation walk

September 13


Reading- Island of Sorrow summarizing ***assigned sheet is homework if not finished in class

Language Arts-Type Pantoum poems

Social Studies-Geo inquiry

Science-Mystery Box Lab

September 12


Reading- Island of Sorrow

-finding text evidence

-central details-we completed 1&2 together ***questions 3&4 were given as homework if not finished in class

Language Arts-SRI testing in library

Social Studies-Power Point

Science-Read Ch.1 (Vocab and notes)

September 11


Reading-911 videos and discussion "What does it mean to be an American"

Language Arts-Pantoum poems

Social Studies-What is there? assignment

Science-Finish landforms foldable *Homework if not finished in class

September 10

Math-(You will need to check your child's planner for math, since we all split up)

Reading -SCOPE Island of Sorrow

***Vocabulary sheet-homework if not finished in class

Language Arts-Work on Pantoum poems

Social Studies-What is geography?

Science-Intro Ch. 1-Begin landforms foldable project

September 7

Reading: Complete SCOPE scavenger hunt (if not finished in class)

September 6

  1. Cover your textbooks
  2. Return paperwork