NEFEC Data Visualizations

The purpose of NEFEC data visualizations are to empower stakeholders with creative tools to better serve their students and colleagues. The FL DOE provides a plethora of data annually on multiple spreadsheets and reports; however, the data is often difficult to view holistically and lacks visual interactivity. The NEFEC data visualizations serve to create a digestible medium for data consumption, planning, and goal setting.

The data profiles have up to 4 years of student achievement trend data for all NEFEC member district schools and grade levels. Users can interact and filter data based on specific questions and needs.

This will allow for realistic goal setting using historical school and district grades data. These visualizations also include trend data for all of the categories of school grades.

The content focus analysis compile various annual reports related to assessment anatomy and benchmark values across all test forms for the Biology EOC, 5th and 8th Grade Science Assessments, Civics EOC, and the US History EOC.

Contact Adam Azula and Jake Massey for more information regarding the development, deployment, and design of these visualizations.