Concept and history

At TokiPY, we want to spread happiness to the world, by creating fresh and colorful designs 🌈

The day we met the Canbus, we had like an illumination: "cars could be a great way to express our mission" ✨

The Daihatsu Move Canbus, if we want to be exact, represents for us this way of moving on asphalt with gentle manners.

Yuni the unicorn was really excited by the project and she decided almost everything: where to put the rainbow, how many stars and hearts... and that's it!
The TokiPY Yuni Canbus was born ⚡


Front hood

The first contact with Yuni Canbus is a big heart surrounded by stars. It is followed by a colorful rainbow with a big tag "Love Power" written on it.
Nobody will miss your message to the world 💖


The truck drivers look down on you? No problem, we send them another expressive message, with a huge shooting heart 🌠

Driver's side

On this side, you tell to the other drivers who you are: a unicorn with an exploding joy of life 🌈

Passager's side

On this side, you tell to the pedestrians on the pavement that Yuni the unicorn walks with nonchalance next to them 😀

Car's trunk

And for those who wait behind at the stop, or for those who drive too close, you remind with a clown face the only thing really important in life, more than the 5 minutes you might save driving faster, "Just Smile" 😊


Of course we want to see this project in real world, so we already asked an expert to validate the faisability 🚀

Technically, all the designs would be printed on high quality vinyl film, UV resistent, which guarantees a really good life-time.

The vinyl film of the hood, the roof and the trunk has a white background; so if your car is mono-tone, it will become a bi-tone 😻

On the side, the stickers are printed with a transparent background, so you could keep the original color of your car ✨

If you follow us on this project to custom your own Canbus, feel relax as the partner we found is an expert well-known in Japan 😌

bi-tone /// front & left side

bi-tone /// back & right side

mono-tone /// front & left side

mono-tone /// back & right side

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