I have fun with Diploo the Dinosaur

the zen activity and coloring book

Come explore the world of Diploo! This nature-loving dinosaur is a friend to all plants, beetles, ladybugs, lizards, and butterflies. Follow his adventures exploring rainforests, jungles, and mountain tops using your imagination to add your own colors to the scenery without limits! You can also help Diploo and his friends find their way through mazes, numbers, letters and many puzzles!

  • 105 printed pages full of games and coloring

  • 10 TokiPY exclusive unique drawings to color

  • 51 alphabet practice pages + 20 number practice pages

  • including many pages with games, mazes, puzzles, tangram...

This book is written in English and it is perfect for children between 3 and 5 years old.

An artistic project focused on children first

We wanted to offer the opportunity to the kids to color our designs, giving them the possibility to express their art without any frustrations.
This is why we invented a special process to adapt all of our designs to be cute, simple and easy to color.

The original artwork

Step 1 - we pick from our large selection of our colorful and inspiring designs

The adapted drawing

Step 2 - we tweak and convert the design into a kid-friendly coloring page while keeping the energy of the original design

Printed and ready to color!

Step 3 - we place the finished design in the book at the highest quality. All ready for coloring fun now!

A fun way to learn and practice for children

We wanted to create a book where kids could enjoy practicing their writing and counting without feeling like it's a chore or extended school work.
This is why we added many different kinds of practicing, games, challenges and colorable designs throughout both the activity AND learning pages.

Big letter to play with fingers

Many nice drawings to color

Plenty of drawings to practice

Fun ways to learn counting

Where to buy the book?

This book was made for children to enjoy all around the world! Find it for sale in an ever-growing number of stores.

A book for kids like no other

A book full of details for endless fun

full of nice drawings, practicing, funny words and characters to color

A book rich with games to enjoy

rich in games, mazes, puzzles, tangrams ... and always to color!


  • 51 alphabet practice pages

  • 20 number practice pages

  • Several fonts to play with different styles of writing

  • Light guides to help with line control while writing!

  • 10 great illustrations derived from our TokiPY artworks printed single-sided

  • Illustrations in big format 7.5” x 7.5”, ready to be shared on Instagram with us @tokipy_com and ready to be framed

  • Colored pencils, pens, and markers work well to bring Diploo's world to life. One test page to remove any doubt!

Many many many funny games

  • advanced mazes,

  • symetrical drawings,

  • shadow differences,

  • "find your path",

  • hidden words,

  • tangram...

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ LEONARD Chantal

5 sur 5 étoiles Livre interactif de coloriage et d'activités pour les petits de 3 à 5 ans

Commenté en France le 27 janvier 2021

Achat vérifié

J'ai acheté ces livres de coloriage et d'activités pour mes petits-neveux, ils adorent ! De plus, les parents sont ravis parce que, le livre étant en anglais, ça leur permet d'initier leurs enfants à cette langue... Il y a aussi un côté interactif grâce à des QR codes qui permettent d'accéder directement à des surprises, avec un adulte bien sûr...

Je recommande