PreK to Kindergarten Transition Toolkit


The PreK to Kindergarten transition is a unique and special time in both you and your child's life. In Newburgh, our students enter kindergarten from many different backgrounds, experiences, and some have been to PreK and some have not. We have created this resource/Toolkit to specifically help our families understand Newburgh schools' Kindergarten expectations and learn how to help their children be as prepared as possible for kindergarten. At ages 4-5, so many of children's daily life activities and social development activities (also called "social-emotional learning") are connected to their academic development. Being able to share toys, to unpack a backpack, to put a folder in a specific mailbox, to play a rhyming game, to look for objects that begin with the /k/ sound- these are all social and academic skills that will impact children's progress in kindergarten. But this kind of learning does not have to- and should not- begin at school because your child has you! Families are children's first teachers, and we want to equip you with as many tools as possible for you to help your child be academically and socially ready for kindergarten. We have created this toolkit especially for our Newburgh families. . Our Parent Toolkit Team has curated a selection of resources and information to foster a smooth transition from PreK to K and the elementary life.


These resources have been specifically selected to provide you with information to support your scholars' academic achievement in Newburgh's elementary schools. The information presented on the Academics page discusses the key differences between PreK and our elementary schools, as well as a number of supports and strategies.

Social Emotional Learning

The Social Emotional Learning page can be used to help foster appropriate social and emotional development in middle school aged children. Some of the key components that are discussed on this page are Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationships, and Responsible Decision-Making.


The Resources page will give you access to an array of programs and supports available within schools, the district, and our community.

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Pre-K to K Video #1

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Pre-K to K Video #2