5th-6th Grade Transition Toolkit


The transition from elementary to middle school is full of exciting changes. This can often be a complex transition for students, who are changing hormonally, mentally, and physically as they enter adolescence. Additionally, this can be a difficult time for parents. Our Parent Toolkit Team has curated a selection of resources and information to foster a smooth transition from elementary to middle school life.


These resources have been specifically selected to provide you with information to support your scholars' academic achievement in Newburgh's middle schools. The information presented on the Academics page discusses the key differences between our elementary and middle schools, as well as a number of supports and strategies.

Social Emotional Learning

The Social Emotional Learning page can be used to help foster appropriate social and emotional development in middle school aged children. Some of the key components that are discussed on this page are Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, Relationships, and Responsible Decision-Making.


The Resources page will give you access to an array of programs and supports available within schools, the district, and our community.

Video Series:

5 to 6 1.m4v

5th to 6th Video #1

5 to 6 2.m4v

5th to 6th Video #2

5 to 6 2 esp.m4v

5th to 6th Video #2 Espanol

Unlocking a lock.m4v

Unlocking a Lock (English)

Unlocking a lock esp v2.m4v

Unlocking a Lock (Espanol)